The world as seen by Claude Sérillon : “memorandum of satisfaction in Europe”

Le monde vu par Claude Sérillon : "Des motifs de satisfaction en Europe"

In Midi Free this Sunday, September 16, Claude Sérillon back on the reasons to stay positive in the face of the institution in Europe

In Midi Free this Sunday, September 16, Claude Sérillon back on the reasons to stay positive in the face of the institution in Europe, capable of a united front politically.

It’s been weeks since I was looking for in the journey of Europe institutional satisfaction. These last few days, I’ve found so I’m not going to sulk my pleasure. Before that let’s take a few events of the summer where we learned how the economic choices of the government of the left in Portugal that went against the recommendations of the Commission in Brussels on the need for austerity had to pay for. Portugal is doing better and made it a success. The same Greece raised the bar on economic and 1 minister Tsipras announced that he intended to raise the level of base salaries and the pensions.

The battle of the GAFA

By deciding to deal directly with the Hungarian leaders (Victor Orban) who violate the freedoms and lead a fight racist against migrants, the representatives of the 27 member countries (and a majority of two-thirds) have suddenly regained the meaning of the values of the european construction. They operate on an interim basis but ostentatious the possibility of excluding Hungary from the European Union.

It is far away and the coming days will allow for diplomatic negotiations. But this is a signal sent to the countries (Austria, Poland, Italy), where the extreme right-thrive. Note that, unlike the forecasts of the specialists and other pollsters, in Sweden, the political parties of liberal democrats or of the left remain in the majority after the general elections.

A good sign also with the vote of the commission on copyright and the protection of cultural works largely looted by the so-called GAFA, that is to say, Google and Co., multi-billionaires now more powerful than the richest States in the world. This is the key of global change : the States will they be able, they want to resist and, best of all, require huge groups, digital, laws, fair taxes and a democratic will devoid of any calculation of dividends or profits are reserved to a handful of shareholders ?

The doubt is permitted, having regard to the qualities distressing of the major leaders of the planet. Europe surprises finally by its ability to cope politically. It is high time to a few months of elections in which the worst forms of nationalism seem to already do a figure of winners possible.


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