The Walking Dead : Jeffrey Dean Morgan, boycotting the comics (for a good reason)

The Walking Dead : Jeffrey Dean Morgan boycotte les comics (pour une bonne raison)

The Walking Dead : why Jeffrey Dean Morgan never read the comics ?

Currently present in the season 9 of The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan – the translator of Negan, has made an astonishing revelation. Instead of drawing inspiration from the work of Robert Kirkman for his role, the actor has taken the decision not to read the comics.

Some have decided to stop watching the series the Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan made the decision to stop reading the comics. Nevertheless, as he said during a question and answer session held with fans on Twitter, this choice is not unlike television viewers, which is linked to the quality of the story.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan no longer reads the comics

When asked about his knowledge of the comics of Robert Kirkman, the actor revealed : “I stopped reading after my introduction into the series. I wanted to create my own reactions. And then I didn’t want to fall under the spell of a plot to finally not follow [on the screen]“.

A confession that makes sense and a small spade (?) which reminds us that some of the liberties taken by the creators of the series vis-à-vis the original work are not always the best. Yes, it is still struggling to understand the relevance of the death of Carl when we know his importance in the comics…

A simple pause

In addition, in order to prove that he did absolutely nothing against the comics, the interpreter of Negan then clarified : “I own them all. Gus [his son] in the past the bed. I can take a look for a particular scene if it is filmed, but I reserve for when Negan will not be there, where and when the series will stop“.

Good news for him, in the light of the hearings which fall to the ground and the ambition of the AMC to expand the universe with other projects, it should not be too long…


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