The usual rudeness: Boxing Federation has responded to the accusations Denys Berinchyk

Обычное хамство: федерация бокса ответила на обвинения Беринчика

Denis Berinchyk

Champion WBO Oriental lightweight champion Denis Berinchyk (9-0, 6 KO’s) openly spoke about the situation in the Federation of Boxing in an interview with YouTube channel TRЕНДЕЦ.

He said that the Ukrainian team needs a new coaching staff and new judges in the domestic tournaments. According to the boxer, in the national team there is no relationship, there is no one clear objective, everyone pulls their ears.

Head coach Dmytro Sosnovskiy has reacted to the scandalous statement of Berinchyk.

Обычное хамство: федерация бокса ответила на обвинения Беринчика

Dmitry Sosnovskiy

“To comment on the statements of Denis Berinchyk is not desirable. If it was the phrase of Mikhail Zavyalov or famous coach, that is one thing. But what does Berinchyk has to do with coaching? He and Boxing is purely a sport attitude.
I don’t agree with his opinion. First, it publicly humiliates children. Today we have the good guys: Dmitry zamotaev, nick butsenko, Sasha Khizhnyak. Khizhnyak today – a world-class fighter. The same statement was before Hamburg that we will go and a single battle can’t win. And we brought a gold medal. Let’s wait and see.
What I said to Denis Berinchyk – let it be on his conscience. Lil dirt on me, so I forgive him. Let God forgive him. And the fact that he throws mud team, it’s not sporty, and it is low. Like what he says about Boxing Federation and the judiciary,” said Sosnowski in the comments

Обычное хамство: федерация бокса ответила на обвинения Беринчика

Denis Berinchyk

In the Boxing Federation, also responded to accusations Denys Berinchyk:

“The notes are direct accusations against the sports federations and highly qualified coach has raised a wave of questions that the state is forced to respond.

Of course, we do not intend to make excuses. Just talk to Dennis and let him know some of the episodes of our relationships with him.

Dennis, speaking at the Amateur level in national team and in the “Ukrainian Atamans” you’re never allowed himself to make such statements. You satisfied with the training conditions, remuneration for performances at world Championships and Olympic games, fights in world series of Boxing. You loved gave you an apartment, the car… Then you said we are one team! You forgot everything?

Now you’re openly accused of lack of professionalism of coaches that believed in you, gave you a chance, put effort to your training. For any of their athletes, who are now Boxing in the national team of Ukraine, are your actions demonstrate not just a lack or correctness. This is a common rudeness!

Statements about the alleged corruption, when the location of the missing Denys Berinchyk invited other athletes… Yes, I had to invite a second numbers of the national team, and very often, due to your unauthorized absence and unpredictability”, – reads the statement of the FBI.

Also in the Federation noted that it did not intend to address in court with requirements about a refutation of the information not corresponding to reality and discrediting the honor.

We will remind, Denis Berinchyk will hold his next fight on December 22. At stake is the fight will be the WBO International.

Denis Berinchyk shared goals in professional Boxing, and also spoke about his strongest opponent.

As reported Znayu Denis Berinchyk is going to go into politics.


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