The threat of strike action at Canada Post

Menace de grève chez Postes Canada

Canadians should know Monday or Tuesday if a strike could be triggered to Canada Post within two weeks.

The factors and the employees of sorting centers had until Sunday to vote on a strike mandate to be granted to the workers ‘ Union of postal workers (CUPW). If they were to vote in favour of the work stoppage, a strike could be triggered as early as 26 September ; a lock-out could also be ordered by the employer. The collective bargaining agreement has expired since December.

CUPW indicated that the major issues of the negotiation with the employer are job security, compensation for all hours worked, hourly wage rates and the guarantee of a minimum number of hours of work each week. The union alleges that the management does nothing to offer of satisfactory on each of these issues.

The negotiations intensified at the beginning of June, in the presence of a conciliator. Canada post says that two parties shall endeavour to conclude a negotiated agreement. But the national president of the CUPW, Mike Palecek, warned last month that the union members should be prepared to “means of pressure” if this round of negotiations were to fail.

A dispute on pay equity involving 8000 factors in rural areas and 42 000 urban workers has been at the heart of the negotiations. In a decision issued last may, the arbitrator Maureen Flynn has found that the gender pay gap at Canada Post are ” fundamentally flawed “, and it has given both parties until the end of the month of August, to conclude a settlement on pay equity.

This deadline had passed, Ms. Flynn should now impose a settlement on the two parties, even if the union recalls that other issues of pay equity are still to be addressed, outside of the arbitration mechanism.

CUPW wants Canada Post to expand its range of products, including offering banking services to communities that are underserved by financial institutions.


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