The teacher okamine: average high school in the province has turned to Hogwarts, already preparing the magic diplomas

Учительница, окаменей: обычный лицей в глубинке превратили в Хогвартс, уже готовят магические дипломы

In Krasnoyarsk there was “Hogwarts” from the Saga of Harry Potter.

The experiment was held in the Lyceum No6 Perspective.

Учительница, окаменей: обычный лицей в глубинке превратили в Хогвартс, уже готовят магические дипломы

School Hogwarts

Pupils of specialized classes are of a unique shape, also competing for the highest number of points, the press service of Krasnoyarsk.

The school has decided to use the book “the scheme” scoring for schools. At the Lyceum the engineering faculty used the symbol of a wolf and the slogan – phrase victoribus Gloria (Glory to winners in Latin).

Students of socio-economic faculty decided to choose a Fox, adding the phrase Sapere aude (Dare to know), and physico-mathematical class opted for the bird with the Latin expressions Per aspera ad astra (Through thorns to the stars).

At the Lyceum decided to spend the equivalent of faculties Gryffindor, Offender, Kulturnom and Slytherin in the books about Harry Potter. In Krasnoyarsk Lyceum is also the award and deduction of points is a Cup of the faculties.

At the Lyceum said that the experiment has begun not so long ago, but the disciples of the innovation of the “cinematic” style is very loved.

We will remind, brothers of the mind or the pests that are sprayed over the Earth UFO

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