The space Agency first made the other side of the Sun: this is a breakthrough in science

Космическое агентство впервые сделало снимок другой стороны Солнца: это прорыв в науке

The European space Agency (ESA) was able to make an image of the North pole of the Sun. The photo is made using Proba-2.

Writes about this edition of New Scientist.

Космическое агентство впервые сделало снимок другой стороны Солнца: это прорыв в науке

Here’s a dark point can be seen “on top” of the Sun. Photo was done due to the small number of satellites around the Sun watching him. The photo shows a detailed image of the sun in all its blazing glory – with coronal loops, sunspots and solar flares.

In order to obtain the image, the researchers used several “scientific gimmicks”. Because the camera cannot directly observe the poles of the star. The Agency’s representatives took pictures, which were prominent features of the behavior of the atmosphere near the North pole of the Sun, and then pulled them, creating the illusion of a view from below. On the same principle worked for all the pictures that made the machine during the rotation of the star. This helped to get a holistic picture of the North pole of the Sun

The result of imaging can shed light on some of the mysteries of the sun. For example, as formed Korenkov holes and outliers . However, to properly study the poles, the researchers will have to wait for 2020 for solar orbit will be launched by the ESA.

Recall that scientists from the US and Switzerland has published a scientific study in which they almost proved that mankind has its origins from a common ancestor that existed more than 100-200 thousand years ago.

As reported by the portal Know.ia, in the rocks of Guizhou province in southwest China, discovered a unique fossil of a turtle with no shell. It is noted that the fossils were in the layers, which appeared about 228 million years ago.

portal Know.Eeyore wrote that scientists have studied several pictures and artifacts of the Neanderthals and came to the conclusion that, most likely, they taught us the art.


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