The selection of rings and secret wedding: pregnant Todorenko told the truth, fans moved

Выбор колец и тайная свадьба: беременная Тодоренко рассказала всю правду, поклонники растроганы

Regina todorenko and Vlad Topalov

Known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko who builds a career on Russian television and now is in the last stages of pregnancy, often attracts the attention of fans of the unusual posts in Instagram. This time the celebrity has published a long story about how they got married with Vlad Topalov.

As it turned out, the pregnant TV presenter and star of her husband more than a month hiding from the fans a happy event in their lives. Always Regina public is not admitted to fans that she got married.

“Your persuasive requests and requests we finally did it. 25 Oct in my life, a momentous event occurred – I became a wife! Coincidentally, this was the day most dear to me of men – my dad and Vlad’s birthday. No wonder they say that a woman chooses a spouse similar to father. Originally Vlad had planned to make our mural as a surprise, but I felt that something was being prepared, and began to ask questions, it was necessary to choose not only the dress, but the ring! And then special thanks to my husband, and jewelry house @korloff-moscow for your patience. It is very difficult, being pregnant, to choose a wedding ring: “I Want more rocks, no, I want less stones, Oh, my fingers became swollen, Oh, now some thin steel. I’m the most fussy friend, but even with such a fussy coolest guys of the lovely cosy boutique managed and picked up the long awaited ring for Cinderella with the special secret coating on the inside (Yes, you can choose the color which you will know only two of us). There’s even a Deposit for engraving, but more on that later. And you long time to choose a wedding ring?”, – posted by Regina under the photo where she poses with new husband.

Выбор колец и тайная свадьба: беременная Тодоренко рассказала всю правду, поклонники растроганы

We will remind, pregnant Todorenko amused network their raskoryachku.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Todorenko and Topalov showed perfect autumn.

Also, the portal “Znayu” I wrote that Regina Todorenko showed looked like before I met Topalov.


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