The radical movement in the reflection on Europe to Montpellier


Le mouvement radical en réflexion sur l’Europe à Montpellier

Jean-Michel Baylet attends this appointment.

Nearly a year after the merger between the radical Party and the radical Party of the left to give birth to the Movement of radical, social and liberal (MRSL), its members are gathered at the Corum of Montpellier, this weekend to work on the development and strengthening of the training.

Around of the co-chairs Sylvia Pinel, and Laurent Hénart, workshops-discussions, debates, working groups, start-up workshops or discussions of general policy along these two days of discussions. With a focused objective : the european elections of next may. “A strong Europe with territories strong,” was thus the central theme of this appointment.

The actions carried out by the european commission, but also the positioning of France within Europe, the tracks to work to enhance its involvement, the scope of the reflections was vast and varied. But the future and the duties of this young party, of course, have been mentioned.

In particular has been highlighted the importance to propose actions disruptive to be able to move the lines, of value to this successful marriage between the two parties to give a different magnitude in the MRSL, but also to bring the voice of the party on major issues, current affairs, in order to gain visibility. A swarming of neurons productive which will continue all this Sunday.


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