The power of thought: how to program yourself for success and luck

Сила мысли: как запрограммировать себя на успех и везение

Thoughts have incredible power and strength. They say that they constantly define our lives. Experts say that thoughts have a much deeper meaning than we think.

Some of them should be abandoned forever, because they attract the negative, writes the Details.

Сила мысли: как запрограммировать себя на успех и везение

I’ll lose if I fail

All – or-nothing principle of people who are afraid to lose or be allowed mistakes. This maximalism evidence of self-doubt and does not lead to anything good. Famous people also passed the thorny path of failure. However, do not mistake only he who does nothing.

“Without the approval of others, I’ll never be happy

The people who you cherish, will not abandon you, even if you do something they don’t like. It is important to keep inner balance: satisfy their needs and desires, to be happy and make others happy. Change is always for the best.

I have nochogo will not work

It is this setting and will determine your actions. If you constantly think that nothing will happen, it will happen. You need to overcome your fear and do what you want.

No confidence – no disappointments

Of course, everyone was wrong in people. Yao is not a reason not to trust at all. It is important to soberly assess the situation, not hang up immediately labels, and to understand the situation. Fear mistrust takes away your life energy.

“I’m better than others

Too strong self-confidence annoying others. Nobody is perfect, so constructive criticism will help you see yourself. Successful people are often very modest and never brag about their achievement.

Earlier “Znayu” he wrote that the prophecies of the famous prophetess Vanga about world war III did not give rest to mankind for more than twenty years.

Recall that the happiest people consider these 7 female names.

“Znayu” wrote that the girl who won the 15th season of “the Battle of psychics” was so convincing that her supernatural powers were believed in, even convinced atheists.


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