The network got a random photo of Brezhnev in the bedroom: in bed she is the Queen

В сеть попало случайное фото Брежневой в спальне: в постели она королева

Vera Brezhneva

Famous Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhneva, who is actively building a career in Russia and is the wife of popular music producer Konstantin Meladze, who actively leads his page in Instagram and indulges fans with new photos. So, this time the artist was pleased subscribers a new photo, which poses in an elegant dress.

The photo that appeared in the profile of Faith, she poses in the bedroom of the hotel with beautiful flower Wallpapers that are impossible not to pay attention. Faith sits on her bed in a revealing black dress that highlights your graceful figure and rounded Breasts of the singer and bares her slender legs.

Hair Brezhneva loose and laid back, but on the face of understated makeup. The long neck artist decorates the massive chain necklace, and on the hand the same bracelet. Faith is not looking at the camera, the impression that while she was photographed, she was distracted by something on the side. Geolocation to your photo indicates that it was made in a hotel in Monaco, and the singer claims that the photo is completely random.

In the caption to the photo Vera Brezhnev wrote: “Love this photo for the chance, the colors, the mood, which was at the time and for make up, which made me a daughter. And in your strip more casual photo or staged?”. Fans did not remain indifferent and began to actively discuss new photo of the actress. Followers covered on posting and writing a lot of compliments in the comments.

Recall that Brezhnev’s daughter switched. Fans noticed that the mother and daughter more like sisters.

Previously portal “Znayu” he reported that Brezhnev in latex forced to shiver any.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Brezhnev in a transparent outfit showed that she is not a woman.


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