The Navy learned of the terrible condition of prisoners sailors: amputations and severe wounds

ВМС узнали об ужасном состоянии пленных моряков: ампутации и тяжелые ранения

Advisor to the commander of the naval forces of Ukraine Victoria Khristenko told about the plight of the sailors, who were captured by the Russian intelligence agencies during the attack in the Kerch Strait.

“Three sailors are in the “Matrosskaya Tishina” (Moscow prison – ed.). Sorry, no videos, no confirmation on the nature of the wounds our consuls have not received officially, except that it seems to be called for the wounded, the Ombudsman of Moscow”, – told Victoria Khristenko, the TV channel “Direct”.

ВМС узнали об ужасном состоянии пленных моряков: ампутации и тяжелые ранения

“One of the boys seriously wounded in the legs, he uses crutches – said the adviser. And it about what does not speak. We don’t see his injuries, nor what the operation was conducted in the infirmary. One of the guys has a traumatic amputation of the fingers of the hand. This was stated by the activists of the Crimea”.

ВМС узнали об ужасном состоянии пленных моряков: ампутации и тяжелые ранения

Before it became known that in Russia, in SIZO-2 Lefortovo held a so-called settlement. During this procedure, the Ukrainian prisoners were placed in eight-meter chambers and hooked to each one other prisoner.

This information was published by the Parliament Commissioner for human rights Lyudmila Denisova after talking with his Russian counterpart Tatiana Moskalkova.

Then it became known that the Ukrainian inmates of the sailors opened the prisoner’s account. This allows you to transfer funds to relatives of prisoners.

“They still have addresses to which they can receive letters, – said the adviser to the commander of the Ukrainian Navy. – Yesterday the National library of Ukraine for children began to write letters to our prisoners of war who are now in Moscow. There are requirements for the writing of these letters: they must be only in Russian, you can’t use the word “Ukraine”, it is impossible to draw Ukrainian symbols, it is impossible to write anything about their situation.”

Khristenko also said that the transfer of Ukrainian sailors from Simferopol to Moscow considers “special step” of the Russian authorities. The latter could scare off a lot of support of the Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians, who came to the aid of seamen and gathered them a lot of money.

Earlier, the Kremlin said it was ready to consider proposals for the exchange of the Ukrainian seamen, captured by the Russian intelligence services.

According to the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin is ready to consider proposals. Will they answer, he knows.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, prisoners were not allowed their lawyers.

In early December, the lawyer Nikolai Polozov has circulated in media reports that am trying to meet with his client. However, he did not succeed. So he was forced severalise to the leadership of the insulator, and the FSB.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that the Russian Federation ignored the request of the European court of human rights about the conditions of detention of Ukrainian sailors.


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