The murder of the journalist Khashoggi: published correspondence, which cost him his life

Убийство журналиста Хашогги: опубликована переписка, стоившая ему жизни

The murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi could provoke him personal messages in WhatsApp. In them he criticized the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud.

It is reported by CNN.

It became known that more than 400 messages, the journalist called the crown Prince “the beast” and even compared it with Pacman: “”the more victims it devours, the more he wants”.

Убийство журналиста Хашогги: опубликована переписка, стоившая ему жизни

Khashoggi wrote that I wonder if the crackdown will affect even those who support it. The journalist urged to create online traffic to attract Riyadh to justice.

In August 2018 Khashoggi and Abdel Aziz suspected that their correspondence might be intercepted by the authorities in Saudi Arabia. So, Abdel Aziz noted that in this regard his brother in the Kingdom punishable by imprisonment.

Убийство журналиста Хашогги: опубликована переписка, стоившая ему жизни

Researchers from the University of Toronto confirmed that the phone was broken Aziz spyware military grade. He intends to file a lawsuit against the Israeli company that supposedly developed software that allowed the Saudi authorities to gain unauthorized access to the smartphone.

Earlier it was reported that the leader of the United States Donald trump said that he would not listen to the record, which recorded the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi the Saudi Arabia Consulate in Istanbul.

“And what’s written there. I was told that it contains, so I have no need to listen,” said the US President.

We will remind as Saudi Arabia to avenge the killers Khashoggi. To atone for the murder of a journalist can only be the blood, according to the government of Saudi Arabia.

As reported Know. ua, Pompeo suddenly rushed to defend the “customer” Khashoggi, the whole world in a stupor. Intelligence agencies of the United States shared information.

Also Know As. ua wrote that the resonant statement by the CIA shocked the world, the Prince has no chance to get away. The CIA continues to accuse the crown Prince to order the murder.


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