The Macarel Philippe Palat : “Last hour”

Le Macarel de Philippe Palat : "Dernière heure"

We shall come up soon…

The director of development editorial of Midi Free, Philippe Palat, back on the decision of the members of the european Union to remove the change of hours.

It is a conspiracy ! On the 28th October, the 28 member countries of the european Union will stop the time. If, if… without warning, in favor of a survey which has just made its verdict, Brussels, for a ruling : bye, bye the time change.

It seems that it no longer serves to nothing. That our internal clock is lost, that the cows don’t know what a udder is doomed and, worst of all, that one does not gain more of a kopeck on the energy bill. It is far the oil shock ; she dropped the hunting gaspis. Forty-two years after its introduction in France, the seasonability of our tocantes, now in its last laps of the dial is forced.

Over time, grasse mat’ once a year

Over time, grasse mat’ once a year. Farewell to the hug of the evening spring time when the hens go to bed. We will soon live a life without a sound spatio-temporal. To stick with our ways of life, to the moral, to do sports, to limit accidents and to enjoy long and beautiful evenings, it evens out. It is the dictatorship of the verdict of the ballot box.

4.6 million voters voted in favour of the 513 million inhabitants of the european community. Less than 1 % very clearly woken up against an overwhelming majority clearly dormant. By chance, each country may choose its own time : summer or winter ? Here, it verges on debate, lord…

Macarel… ! Even more the excuse of the time change to arrive late at work. We will regret the good old time.

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