The little bear sliding on the snow in order to reach his mom : this is the lunch break

Le petit ourson glissant sur la neige pour rejoindre sa maman : c'est la pause Midi

It is the hour of the lunch break.

It is the hour of the lunch break. Take the opportunity to have a different eye on the news. On the menu : the inspiration of our artist Man, the horoscope of the day, a brit who has made the tour of Great Britain at swimming and a teddy bear, so cute, in a very bad position to reach his mom…

What inspired Man today

Le petit ourson glissant sur la neige pour rejoindre sa maman : c'est la pause Midi

The drawing of Man.
– Man

Today is the feast of the…

BERTILLE ! If you know…. And the saying of the day : “In November, the good farmer is going to sell her foal”.

A small tour of the horoscope

Aries, your hesitations are detrimental. Bull, don’t keep it on the heart of your grudges. Gemini, take it easy on your back. Cancer, you are in a very good day. Lion, you undertake too many things at once. Virgin, accept tips and suggestions. Balance, consider your environment. Scorpio, the friendship is waiting for you. Sagittarius, accept constructive criticism. Capricorn, you need sleep. Aquarius, be zen. Fish, force the chance.

It happened on a November 6,

The empress Catherine II of Russia died, it was in 1796.

The info unusual

A Uk round the Great Britain swimming.

One hundred and fifty-seven days : this is the time that it took the British Ross Edgley, 33 years old, to make the tour of the Great Britain swimming 2 882 km in total, an unprecedented achievement.

After leaving the 1st of June in the seaside resort of Margate, in the south-east of England, Ross Edgley has completed his journey, taken in the direction of the needles of a watch, on Sunday, the cheers of 400 swimmers who came to greet. The athlete swam up to twelve hours per day, including at night, and rested on a boat accompanying it. He had to confront plenty of complications, between storms, stings of jellyfish, muscle aches, and icy waters.

On the 74th day, he had beaten the record for the longest swim in the sea by steps. To take the impact, he told the british press have eaten more than 640 banana, and be given the courage by singing. Accustomed to the performance of unusual, Ross Edgley is known to have climbed the equivalent of mount Everest to the rope in 19 hours, and ran a marathon while towing a car of 1.4 tonne.

His feat barely finished, it also says it is already ready to re-enlist. “It probably won’t be long before I will submit my goggles (swimming)”, he declared to the agency Press Association. “I’ll be in London this evening (Sunday). If there is a hotel with a pool I would may be take a dip!”, a-t-he added.

The actu shifted

Le petit ourson glissant sur la neige pour rejoindre sa maman : c'est la pause Midi

The bears have struggled to reach the top of the mountain.

The teddy bear is trying to reach her mom but tumbles down the cliff covered in snow on a mountain in Russia. He climbs and slides several times before joining his mom. The video is controversial : according to some internet users, falling the animal would be caused by the drone that is filming the images in question.


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