The heart of Restaurants want a european plan to fight against poverty

Les Restos du coeur  veulent un plan européen de lutte contre la pauvreté

Concern of the Eating of the hearts, as on the side of other charities.

The association fears a decrease in the fund of european aid to the most deprived. And launches a call

On 13 September, the Restos du cœur reacted rather favorably to the guidelines of the plan poverty that was unveiled Emmanuel Macron. And then consider that it “consists of several useful measures to facilitate access to food for the most needy and in particular children”.

“Humanitarian and social”

Two weeks later, it is at european level that the Restos du cœur were to wear a major concern, and an aspiration ambitious.
In fact, noting that, according to her estimates, that about forty million Europeans live in conditions of “extreme poverty”, the association believes that “after the national strategy, it should be a european plan to fight against poverty. The european budget post-2020, presented a few months ago, is not up to the challenges”.

While fearing that “the resources allocated to the fight against exclusion are likely to be significantly reduced”.
This is why Restaurants ask the president of the Republic to “defend a european plan to fight against poverty, through the strengthening of the Fund for european aid to the most deprived”. In order to help meet “the humanitarian emergency and social care in Europe”.

Budget negotiated

A call relayed by Patrice Blanc, president of the Restos, on 25 September in Paris during a citizen consultation with Nathalie Loiseau and Agnes Buzyn, the ministers respectively in charge of Europe, and Solidarity and Health. Meeting, which was attended, in addition to the Restos du cœur, other charities such as Secours populaire, or the Red Cross.
All also worried, while negotiations continue on the eu budget for the period 2021-2027.


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