The Grinch : Laurent Lafitte would like to kidnap the dog Max film – quiz The Worst Christmas

The interview the Worst Christmas of Laurent Lafitte.

Since the 28th of November, Laurent Lafitte embodies the Grinch in the cinema in the film animation signed by the producers of Me, Ugly and Nasty and Minions. PRBK was amused to lend the actor for Dad or Mom to a quiz on the Worst Christmas. Here’s everything that Laurent Lafitte hates Christmas

Each year at Christmas, the Cabbages come to disturb the tranquility of the lonely the Grinch with celebrations ever more grandiose, brilliant, and noisy. When the Cabbages declare that they will celebrate Christmas three times stronger this year, the Grinch realizes that he no longer has a solution to find peace and quiet : he must steal Christmas.

The Worst Christmas of Laurent Lafitte

The Grinch is the new production Illumination (Moi Moche et Méchant Minions, Like Animals). Laurent Lafitte put their hearts and joy in the dubbing of this wicked grumpy finally not so bad. Was fun to ask him about everything that he hates Christmas. For example, what was the Christmas song that he hated so much, the Christmas food that he hated, or the Christmas movie that he could not endure anymore ? Find Laurent Lafitte interview the Worst Christmas in the video above.

Max, my love

They were also asked to Laurent Lafitte which object in the Grinch he would have liked to recover. Because alone in his cave, The Grinch is a hell of a handyman and does not lack ideas to invent gadgets that are amazing. If I could steal a object in the Grinch ?” we revealed the actor seen in Dad or Mom. “Cela would rather be his dog, Max. It is really amazing what he can do“.

Actually, Max, the dog in the Grinch, has the potential to melt the hearts of the children. Not only it is cute, endearing but in addition to doing it all at home : the kitchen, the breakfast, the household.

The Grinch, currently at the cinema.

Le Grinch : Laurent Lafitte aimerait kidnapper le chien Max du film - quiz Le Pire Noël

The Grinch.

Le Grinch : Laurent Lafitte aimerait kidnapper le chien Max du film - quiz Le Pire Noël

The Grinch.


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