The Golden mouth is on New year has become known, earn much Loboda, Kirkorov and Cords for the holidays

Золотой рот на Новый год: стало известно, сколько заработают Лобода, Киркоров и Шнуров за праздники

New year holidays – a real “gold mine” for pop stars. So, some of the most popular artists in just a few holidays hummed to himself for a couple of apartments in Moscow. These stars are so expensive and charge for their presence at festivals, concerts and corporate parties, and new year’s days and evenings their fees will double, or even triple. Instead spend time with family and close friends, these stars will be singing – and it is clear that the request for his performance is much more than a normal day. Businessmen and oligarchs sometimes compete to see who will pay more in order to for them made by a particular artist. Singers choose who is more generous. In a word, this Christmas fair. Want to know how many are those who on everyone’s lips?

Grigory Leps

Leps 56. However, single women (and not only them) continue to go crazy in his hysterical vocals and heartfelt lyrics. However, the spiritual new year with the Leps will cost Oh as expensive. Since Gregory is one of the most highly paid Russian artists in the New Year to afford it can only well, very solid. On a normal day, the performance of Leps is 7.6 million rubles, and after December 21, the contractor will bid up the price to 9 million. But Leps are not fundamentally singing the same song a few times and not going to drink with the guests.

Sergey Shnurov

Brave Cords, which not only sings, but also blows up a network of satirical poetry, how to write “Znayu” in favor of 7.6 million rubles. But on new year it will cost three times more expensive. Rider 45-year-old actor at the departure abroad – 15 000 rubles Travel for each team member + accommodation at the hotel of premium class.


Kirkorov 51, but he’s still filling arenas. The flamboyant singer for one party takes about six million rubles. On New year Kirkorov will ask for three times more.

Svetlana Loboda

After the birth of her second daughter, Tilda, Svetlana Loboda increased fees for the concert. Besides, due to health problems, which previously wrote our portal, it is more difficult to speak. For Loboda at the new year party will have to pay about six million.

Vera Brezhneva

Age Loboda and also ex-VIA Gra Vera Brezhnev worth 3.7 million rubles for the performance at the party. For the same amount of ready to act and keep a holiday Sergey Lazarev, the Empress Irina Allegrova, Dmitry Nagiev and Ivan Urgant, respectively.

Polina Gagarina

Gagarin has long been no stranger to the stage. After the birth of her daughter Gagarin raised fees for concerts. Now his speech Polina is estimated at 3.5 million rubles. Last year the singer was “worth” less — 2.5 million.

Olga Buzova

Buzova while alone, so can afford to work during the holidays. In short, now her performance will have to pay 2.5 million rubles.

Sergei Zhukov will sing for fans over two million, as well as soloists of the “Simons”, “modest” Petrosyan will speak “only” a million.


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