The flames, panic and sirens: in the Ministry of Finance the worst happened

Пламя, паника и вой сирен: в Минфине случилось страшное

In Kiev, Mezhigorskaya street near the metro station “Kontraktova Ploshcha” there was a fire. Burning building of the Ministry of Finance. Emergency began in the morning at 07:37, about the incident immediately informed of the SSES, which promptly went out. In connection with the fire the building was evacuated of people – there was 20 people. About the incident reported in the press-service GU gschs and the press Secretary of the service Svetlana Vodolaga. Fortunately, has done without victims and victims – the lives of the people inside, saved in a timely manner triggered the fire alarm.

Rescuers gschs also determined the cause of the fire ignited cables in the Elevator shaft.

Something much Dimity have budul MPO on Kontraktova PLoS

Geplaatst door Kiev Operational op Woensdag 28 november 2018

The building brought all employees who were there at the time, only 20 people. The fire was extinguished at 08:28. To extinguish the fire were involved in six units of fire equipment of gschs.

As previously reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Kiev Pyromancer laid eyes on the Ukrainian Church, the motives will be to explain to the inmates.

In the Internet published a video of the detention of the criminal who tried to set fire to St. Andrew’s Church in Kiev.

A video published by the press service of the Department of national police in Kiev.

The footage shot surveillance camera shows how a man throws a Molotov cocktail into the Church, and then tries to escape from the chasing police.

The culprit was 32-the summer inhabitant of Kiev. During a search of his home were seized tablets, mobile phones, flammable liquids, masking tape and clothes. The search continues for his accomplices. As previously reported, “Znayu” Often threatened the night set fire to the associate of the commander of the “East building”

Unknown persons set fire to the house of the friend of the former commander of the “East building” Oleg Shiryaev, Igor Pushkarev. Attackers in the night pelted the building with Molotov cocktails.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that Started: in Kiev, burning cars of Russian diplomats, further – more

In Kiev under the walls of the Russian Embassy broke out the car. According to preliminary reports, the vehicle belonged to the diplomats.

We also reported black something tall in the mile that the world has fallen Apocalypse, this has not happened.

In social networks, local residents actively publish the first images of the disaster. It is seen that the storm attacked the city of Janie, but also caused serious harm to the health of even the strongest people, then almost the entire territory on fire the dry grass.


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