The family of bekhemov it’s mountain, the couple almost lost the most important thing

В семью Бэкхемов пришло горе: супруги едва не потеряли самое главное

The other day at the manor, Victoria and David Beckham in Oxfordshire was again recorded robbery attempt. This is the second incident in the last month. While the Beckhams along with the children were in London, the robbers tried to break into the house. Pravohraniteley early morning security called the mansion. According to security, the intruders were frightened off by the cops. Unfortunately, the suspects failed to hold.

В семью Бэкхемов пришло горе: супруги едва не потеряли самое главное

David and Victoria Beckham

Recall that this is the second trouble for the last month. The first case of attempted robbery has occurred at the end of October. At that time the Beckhams have been the entire family on vacation. The fact that the house is trying to imbibe during the absence of the owners, noticed by casual witnesses – visitors to the Soho Farmhouse restaurant, located next to the mansion, and called the police.

Then David insisted that planiruet to improve the system security of his estates, but, apparently, to take the necessary steps the player has not yet managed.

Recall, David Beckham openly talked about the problems in the marriage. According to him, marriage with designer Victoria is always hard work. Relationship is something that constantly needs work.

As previously reported Znayu, Victoria Beckham decided to sell themselves through sports daughter’s success and showed the talent of Harper in his microblog. Judging by the violent reaction of subscribers that she does it very well.

Also Znayu wrote about the fact that David Beckham sent his wife to the hospital. After the interview David Beckham gave to Australian television, his wife Victoria cried for two days straight.


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