The dress of my life : he chose the dress of his future wife… and that is the drama

The dress of my life : he chose the dress of his future wife… and would not have had to !

“I’m dépitée, I’m at wit’s end.” This is the impression of this candidate of The coat of my life by discovering the wedding dress that her future husband has chosen for her… After admitting not to love, she is angry with him and settles accounts. A fairytale that became a nightmare !

Often, the candidate of The dress of my life involved in the show with their closest friends, their family or even their mother, at the risk of ending in tears. Yet, in the show aired on Monday 4 November 2018 at the end of the evening, Mary decided to choose her wedding dress with her cousin… and her future husband, Jordan. And for good reason, she accuses him of not doing enough to get involved in their marriage.

He chooses her dress…

Well decided to prove the contrary, it has made him the surprise to choose the dress of his future wife without telling him, with a criterion in particular : “I find it beautiful because we don’t see her big cleavage. I am happy with my choice. I think it will please him”, he comments. If it started from a good intention, it is missed ! He had it all wrong ! Discovering the dress, she had to confess does not love.

… and would not have had to !

In learning that it is Jordan who has chosen her, she farts a cable : “I am dépitée, I am at the end of the roll. It is too full. It is not that you don’t understand, is that you don’t want to understand ! When I tell you things you don’t make any effort to try to fix them. Just for the wedding, it is me which speaks of the colors, the decoration, the guests, it is me who selected the menu, which speaks of the aesthetics of the room rise. So I was mary all alone ? If it is like that until the end, you can’t get married, simple as that.” Fortunately, he managed to make amends by offering him a beautiful ring… Not only has she finally found her dress in another shop, but the couple was expecting today her first child !


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