The DG of the paramedics of Ottawa fired

La DG des paramédics de l’Outaouais congédiée

Barely a year after his hiring, the Coopérative des paramedics de l’outaouais thank its director general.

Two sources have confirmed to the Law the information according to which the co-Op had fired Nathalie Barussaud, at the beginning of the week.

The director of public affairs of the Federation of cooperatives of paramedics in Quebec, Paul Levesque, has referred to the “reasons varied” and the “current context” to explain this departure, Wednesday.

It seems that the Coopérative des paramedics de l’outaouais and Mrs. Barussaud not shared the same vision of the direction needed to take the organization, which has not further clarified the reasons for this hasty departure.

The former director-general seemed to be more in the flow chart of the co-Op, in its Internet site on Wednesday.

A source association has also confirmed the information, adding that the departure was not necessarily linked to the fact that the Brotherhood of paramedics to the Ottawa was without a work contract from march 2015.

However, in November 2017, the Coopérative des paramedics de l’outaouais wrote in his website that the new director, hired in August of the same year, participated “actively” in the negotiations surrounding the Ministry of Health and social Services and the integrated Centre of health and social services for the Outaouais region in terms of (their) contract of service “.

It is said in the same press release that it had followed closely the development of the renewal of the collective agreement with the paramedics. “Madame Barussaud strongly supports the operations of the ambulance daily. “

It has not been possible to speak to Ms. Barussaud, Wednesday.

She has worked at the national School of public administration and the 911 Institute at la Cité collégiale at the level of public Safety, fire protection and emergency measures.


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