The cure for “mad cow disease” found in the ground

Лекарство от "коровьего бешенства" нашли в земле

Organic compounds contained in the soil, destroy prions and lower their infection efficiency in mice.

This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of Alberta after studying the influence of elements contained in the various soil samples, infection, reports Science Daily.

Infection with prions can cause chronic weakness — a disease transmitted through the environment, which are considered carriers of wild deer, elk, mules and so on.

Лекарство от "коровьего бешенства" нашли в земле

The disease occurs in North America, South Korea, and has recently been recorded in Northern Europe.

The infection gets into the environment after the death of the animals or found in their waste products: urine, faeces or saliva. However, different soil compounds can change the infectious properties of prions.

Microbiologists investigated the role of specific compounds of humic acid. The researchers studied a wide range of concentrations of humic acids present in the native soils.

Лекарство от "коровьего бешенства" нашли в земле

The data obtained show that humic acid destroys prions. Incubation of infection with a high concentration of humic acids reduced its prion signal, and efficacy in infected mice. Whereas lower levels of humic acids had no significant effect on protein stability or infectivity.

According to the authors, the study provided a new understanding of the soil-prion interactions, persistence of prions in soil and their bioavailability to grazing animals.

Should be noted that prions can lead to other dangerous diseases, “mad cow disease” in cattle. If you eat the meat of an infected animal, then it is likely to earn the disease of Creutzfeld-Jakob disease — a progressive degenerative disease of the cerebral cortex, basal ganglia and spinal cord.

Лекарство от "коровьего бешенства" нашли в земле

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