The colonization of Mars will only aggravate the problem: humanity prophesied a terrible death

Колонизация Марса только усугубит проблему: человечеству напророчили чудовищную гибель

About the colonization of the red planet, Mars, has been discussed for many years. And now, when she needs to be held almost from day to day, and the world held its breath, scientists suddenly made an unexpected conclusion – this decision will have a detrimental effect on humanity, and even may lead to the destruction of Earth and the death of the human race. According to scientists, the colonization will lead to wars and disasters on earth and other woes. About it writes the edition

At the University of British Columbia say that moving to Mars will lead to the fact that mankind will remain to exist very long. The reason for this call serious difficulty, up to the inability of a person to fully adapt to life on an alien planet

Adam Morton, standing at the head of this study, said – the colonization of Mars will lead to biological and nuclear war on Earth. Moreover, people will bring the war to the Red planet. In addition, the development of new areas can lead to the appearance of the robots, aiming to kill. Also, experts have said about the negative impact of moving people to another planet on the ecological state of the Earth.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” that “glitters is not gold”. NASA found on Mars rock, almost philosophical.

It will be recalled that after landing on Mars 358-pound probe geophysical InSight, which when unfolded has dimensions of 6,1х2х1,4 m., opened a solar panel to produce energy to run the system and operating normally. Fortunately, the mission landing on the red planet was a success.

Overcoming 485 million miles, a NASA probe landed in the volcanic area of the world, the Elysium highlands, which is located near the equator of Mars. “Three-legged” module will remain forever in this place, and will convey useful information to Earth until, until will not be able to function.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that to increase the service life of the spacecraft and will provide extended human missions in deep space, NASA plans to launch a robotic mission fuel for storage and transportation of cryogenic fuel. As the cooler of the cryogenic fluid provides the spacecraft and can extend its life for years.

We will remind, water and the atmosphere: scientists have found a “new Land” fit for life.

As reported Znayu, our Mars: NASA made the fateful decision, the colonization of the red planet is not far off.

Also Znayu wrote, the bill went to the watch: NASA has named the date of the colonization of Mars.


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