The child tore an audience with the Pope and became a star network for 1 day

Ребенок сорвал аудиенцию Папы Римского и стал звездой сети за 1 день

A funny and touching event occurred in audiencie of the Pope in the Vatican. During the speech the Pope addressed to the people on the podium, where sat the Pope, popped up the little boy and began to “misbehave”, the BBC reported.

First he ran to the Vatican guard, standing alongside Pontiff in medieval costume and with a halberd in his hand. The child urgently needed to pull the guard by the sleeve and run round a few times around Francis. But to descend from the stage the child is not wanted. He ran to the boy’s mother (or was it the assistant of the Pope, the publication does not specify), and tried to lead the child, however, Francis has asked to leave the boy, because he reminded him about freedom before the Lord. Later came to the podium and the little girl. Occurred incredibly touched by the Network, the video quickly spread around the world. Someday this kid will grow up and will review historical moment.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” Donbass has received a multimillion-dollar gift from the Pope.

“The charity event was held in order for the Ukrainians feel abandoned and alone – said the Apostolic Nuncio in Ukraine, Archbishop Gugerotti, Cloudy – it was aimed at those who have become victims of the war in the East of Ukraine.”

According to Interfax-Ukraine, at the call of the Pope in a charity event attended Catholic churches of Europe, which organized the collection of donations.

The churches managed to raise 11 million euros. 5 millon said the Pope from his personal funds.

We also wrote that the Pope saw in Europe of Hitler.

The head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Ristiranta criticized the populist government and compared their regime with the Third Reich.

This information reports the Daily Mail.

The Pontiff, during a speech at the Vatican, called to educate the younger generation about the world wars to avoid the mistakes of the past and “know the spread of populism”. The “most obvious example”, he cited Nazi Germany.

As previously reported portal “Znayu” on Sunday, October 14, at the Vatican canonized by the Catholic Church canonized Pope Paul VI, who held the Holy see between 1963 and 1978 and six other blessed of the Roman Catholic Church.

Also, the portal “Znayu” reported that Pope Francis said that sex is “a gift of God.” This publication reports Vatican News. In the words of the Pope, even the Bible says that God created man and woman in his image and likeness, that is, not just Adam or just eve, and both of them put together.


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