The chewing-gum favorite condom during a first appointment

Le chewing-gum préféré au préservatif lors d'un premier rendez-vous

The chewing-gum favorite condom during their first appointment.

23% of women and men use regular condoms, according to a survey conducted by Lelo, the brand of accessories rogues with the approach of world Aids Day on December 1.

A first survey on the use of condoms was carried out in 2016. It was discovered that 16% of the participants regularly used condoms. These are now 23 % of men and women who use regular condoms. Almost as many (22 %) do not see not having sex without a condom.

29 % of the respondents confessed as to them never, or almost never, wear a condom. Among the reasons for this, 66 % reported use of other contraceptive methods, 33 % for reasons of discomfort.

“Irresponsible,” the fact of having a sexual relationship without a condom

However, half of respondents believe that “irresponsible” and having a sexual relationship without a condom, and 49% would be worried if a new partner asked for it.

Most unusual, to the question : “What articles would take away you to a first appointment ?” 75% answered “a chewing gum”, while 50 % would bring a condom.

The survey was conducted from 1 September to 15 October 2018, with a sample of 3 550 people, representative of the global population aged 18 years and over.


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