The brutal practice: scientists have found a terrible artifact in the mouth of the ancient child

Зверская практика: ученые нашли жуткий артефакт во рту древнего ребенка

In the Tunel Wielki cave in the kraków-częstochowa was found the body of a small child, who died a couple hundred years ago. The remains were in a shallow grave. Next it was also found other bones that were more than 4500 years, so this place obviously was not intended for burial. Noted, the remains were first discovered 50 years ago during the excavation of the caves, but almost all finds were placed in storage almost immediately, without studying and describing. It is reported by Science Alert.

Зверская практика: ученые нашли жуткий артефакт во рту древнего ребенка

According to archaeologists that it was the only modern one, buried in a cave in the region. But the burial was very strange: in the mouth of a child found the skull of a small bird, a Chaffinch and another Finch skull was found next to his cheek.

Зверская практика: ученые нашли жуткий артефакт во рту древнего ребенка

Archaeologist Malgorzata kot, of the Institute of archaeology of Warsaw University has launched a project for the analysis of these artifacts, when they stumbled across the remains.

“When we opened another box of dusty old research project, we found the little bones of a child. Their discoverer, Professor Waldemar Chmielewski, never published the details of this finding, it included only a photo in a book published in 1980-ies,” says the scientist.

The analysis showed that the child was buried in the late 18th century or early 19th century of our era and died at the age of about 10 years. A preliminary study of the bones suggests that the child suffered from malnutrition.

However, why the child was buried in the cave with the skull of a bird’s mouth remains a mystery. This practice ethnographers are not known.

“We went back to the skulls of birds, but the new analysis did not show anything that would at least explain why the head accompany the child. For example, no traces of cuts on skulls. We only know that it was the remains of adult birds,” continued the cat.

This strange and terrible mystery raises many questions, and unfortunately, there is a serious obstacle to searches: the baby’s skull is missing. He was sent to anthropologists in Wroclaw immediately after excavation, and no one knows what became of him. In addition, dozens of caves in the kraków-częstochowa upland have been damaged by people. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the farmers have removed most of the sludge out of the cave to use as fertilizer.

Researchers claim, there would be a series of DNA tests to learn more about the tragic death of a child. Perhaps we will hear more about this burial.

We will remind, scientists from the UK were finally able to unravel the mystery of the drawings that were discovered in the cave of Lascaux in France.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” in Jerusalem during excavations, archaeologists discovered a very rare stone weights of the biblical period, which in Hebrew is written the word “Beka”.

Also “Znayu” I wrote, the piglets were discovered burial of the Baltic tribes from the times of Kievan Rus.


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