The author of the hit “Crying” “Kazka” explained the meaning of the song: the point is simple

Автор хита "Плакала" "Kazka" объяснил смысл песни: суть проста

The author the author of the hit “Crying,” which takes the “Kazka” told the fans the meaning of the song.

The song “Crying” is a breakthrough in Ukrainian music, because it first entered the top 10 of the global Shazam chart. The tune of the song is easy to remember the first time, but the words cling to the minds of everyone. However, fans of the band there have been many versions regarding the content of the text and its main idea. The most interesting of these was speculation that the song is about pregnancy or domestic violence.

The author of the hit, Sergey Serdica, gave an interview to Yakaboo, which explained what actually sings Kazka. He also noted that in his opinion, the songs should have a story, to bring to the listener the emotions and convey feelings.

Автор хита "Плакала" "Kazka" объяснил смысл песни: суть проста

“This is the story of two girls – very young and young mothers who are experiencing separation from loved ones who did not meet expectations. This has led to unrestrained tears of frustration, but when the tears have dried, the girls decided to start all over again. And the day shone with new content, a violet bloomed, a happy ending”.

Speculation from fans about that song raises the issue of violence in the seven’th was not confirmed.

“A new experience for me — so many versions from the audience about what the song because in my reality everything is simple and clear. Seen in social networks the most incredible options, for example, that a song about domestic violence, and “the violet bloomed” is a bruise that’appeared from a strong blow. I appeal to all who read it — about physical violence where there is no question. But about emotional abuse, which leads to a parting, of course, is the driving force of history.”

Earlier “Znayu” wrote that the Ukrainian musical ensemble KAZKA took first place in the rating, compiled Muz.

We will remind, the popular Ukrainian Studio “Muahahahaha” presented a parody of the song “Crying” KAZKA Ukrainian group on its 100th concert. In it, the artists showed that actually inspired the creators of the songs on the lines that became so popular in the country.

“Znayu” he wrote that the band has revealed how she shot the legendary clip for the song “Crying”, which has recently at all on hearing.


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