The Aquarius wants to disembark the migrants in Marseille

L’Aquarius veut débarquer des migrants à Marseille

58 people, including 17 minors, were on board a ship.

Soon private flag, the ship humanitarian Aquarius was Monday, September 24, “en route to Marseille, after having” requested “in exceptional circumstances” to France to be able to unload the 58 migrants rescued on board. But Paris does not seem very favourable, evoking rather a “european solution”.

The Aquarius is “on the road to Marseille”, and the NGOS who have chartered the ship humanitarian have asked the French authorities to authorise “exceptional” and “humanitarian” the landing of the 58 migrants on board.

“It is the only option we have” to enable the Aquarius, “the last ship” civilian in the area, “to continue his mission” to rescue migrants, explained Frédéric Penard, director of operations, SOS Mediterranean.

17 women and 18 minors in shelter

“The French authorities have been informed” of this request, he assured, stressing that it was “urgent to put people at the shelter” with 17 women and 18 were minors at the edge of the ship.

“The only possible destination today is “Marseille”, which is the home port of the ship, he hammered, while the Aquarius comes to learn that the panamanian authorities were going to remove his flag.

Paris wants “a european solution”

It should be “about four days”, since the current position of the ship, to win Marseille, has stated, however, Francis Vallat, the chairman of the NGO in France, which application in Panama “to go back on its decision” and, if not to the european States to provide a state-of-the Aquarius.

“As we have done repeatedly in the past few months, we are looking for a european solution according to the principle of the safe harbor and the closest,” replied the prime minister, when asked whether France would grant his permission.

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