That is my friend: a crook with a knife tried to steal a car in front of the owner, the look on his face must see

Та это моя знакомая: жулик с ножом пытался угнать авто на глазах у владельца, выражение его лица нужно видеть

In Kharkov, cunning but not very bright scammer tried to steal a car in the presence of the owner. It is well known that avtovishka threatened the woman with knives.

A real detective story published one of the Kharkov network public.

Та это моя знакомая: жулик с ножом пытался угнать авто на глазах у владельца, выражение его лица нужно видеть

It is known that the incident occurred in the Parking lot next to the legendary market “Barabashova”, when the owner was cleaning his car from snow. At the time of opening the door to the car suddenly a man ran up with a knife. Threatening them, he opened the door and climbed into the car.

We write: Barika civil detained the thief.
Parking. The woman approached his car cleared of snow, sits in…

Geplaatst door Kharkov 1654 op Zaterdag 1 december 2018

When the driver started to scream and call for help, the thief hid the knife and said, supposedly it does. He did not believe, pulled out of the car, tied up and handed over to the police. While the victim remained in a state of shock. Commenting on the history of Kharkiv asked that will need them to do if the bandit will be released from police back home.

“I wonder if it will release from the police Department, again with tape tied to a tree?”, write caring people, alluding to a story that occurred in the city in early November.

It is worth Recalling that incident in the supermarket of Kiev occurred on the morning of November 30. Shop with ceiling flooded with hot water. This was reported by eyewitnesses in social networks. In Facebook Irina from Kiev, Ukraine released a video of the flood. It is known that the incident occurred on the Vineyard in the supermarket “Silpo”, located on the Avenue of Truth, 66. According to eyewitnesses, suddenly from the ceiling directly above the door started to flow out of the ceiling.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that on Saturday, December 1, in Kiev there was a terrible accident in which the victims were urgently admitted to the hospital. It is now known that Hyundai at high speed drove into an electrosupport. Eyewitnesses said that the car was moving at a speed of about 100 km per hour. However, the ice on the road and heavy snow, which greatly reduced visibility was the main cause of the accident. It is known that the car abruptly began to demolish the roadway, several times turned and struck back at the lamppost.

We will remind, waiting for spring: the snow has buried the main air gate of Ukraine, passengers reported the sad news.

As reported Znayu that machine in the trash, the people on x-ray: the snow Apocalypse turned Kiev into a cold hell.

Also Znayu wrote, a month in the Donbass, the Ukrainians told us how many fighters has gone to hell.


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