Thank Kaminska: from “no name” from reality to celebrity

Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska

Thank Kaminska – the once-unknown girl from a simple family, and now – famous masthead soloist of the Ukrainian group “Neangely”. A sharp tongue, bright appearance and unusual voice – now it is called one of the most prominent figures in Ukrainian show business and noble Instagram-girl. Some luck, a lack of principle in the desire of fame, women’s insidious, and it may be of plastic – which led her to success?

Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska

Height, weight, parameters of the figure

Date of birth of Olga Kuznetsova (namely, it is the real name of Glory): July 16, 1984. At the moment – she was 34 years old.

Horoscope Thank Cancer. It would have to characterize the girl as a home and as an ambitious man. In principle, against the background of other stars of show-business she is. Does not use any moment of his life for PR, not chasing fame by any means, does not seek to shock the audience at any cost. As soon as he made a career, she thought about getting married and had children. Now considered an exemplary mother, although his work does not forget.

The growth of the singer is 173 cm. And the weight is around 50 pounds. Before the parameters of the shape, all in the first place, draw her chest and legs. In fact, breast size Kaminskaya not outstanding good two. But my legs are really long, 112 inches.

Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska in childhood


About my personal life and childhood Glory loves to tell, exactly as to pour out his heart to reporters. Is that a joke says that a little girl wanted to learn the QB male profession: to become, for example, a driver or an astronaut. Yes, since then and forever her favorite book was “a Tale of the Bun”.

Therefore early period of his life, Kamina is actually a long time was known only that she was born in Sunny Odessa in the family of a sailor – captain.

Once she opened the heart and told the story of his family, which was quite heavy for a child. It turns out that dad left mom when she было7 years. Once revealed that in long-haul flights, he, like a textbook sailor-handsome – almost in every port was a new girl. In the end, one of them became his new wife. Then another one up another new wife… So father’s Fame is almost not there – they always communicated superficially.

She admits that it was a severe trauma for her, which has generated a lot of complexes. Moreover, it is noticed, and almost felt the whole of my mother’s pain. Therefore, the Glory and now your whole life is afraid that her children also grew up without a father.

It is also known that the Fame has a younger sister who has been living in Poland. And even their relationship after the departure of the Pope from family much went wrong. They were both jealous of each other mom who has had to work very hard to somehow support a family.

At the same time, the mother of Glory, Tamara, was distinguished by the rigor and demands on the daughters. Glory says that she was forced to walk her on a lot of clubs and constantly something else to do besides school lessons. Now it’s hard to believe, but as a child singer a stick went dancing and music – often simply by cutting them away. Then Glory thought she was the worst dictator and often hated her for it. But now she is going to raise their children this way, because all that made her career in the future.

Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska: life

In addition, growing up, Fame was no beautiful clothes, no cosmetics, no jewelry. And she looked with envy on the outfits of the girlfriends of the more prosperous and wealthy families. The glory of the school beauty did not think, was teased for being too skinny and red hair. So in my youth the girl dyed her hair and learned to defend themselves: sometimes even had to really fight back.

And in the 9th grade bold and strong girl who had to grow up early, and did start to go partying: truant and disappear for the disco. And now she has become a very real terror of the school. Once even it happened, that future star of almost expelled from school for fighting with a girl in history class. But then her mother defended.

It was at that time because of this resistance of society young Olga wanted to become an actress. As she says: to be seen that something someone to prove, because in her, her beauty and her success nobody believed…

Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska in his youth


What is known about how they formed creative personality Olga Vitalievna?

Received a certificate of maturity, a future star, wanted to go to the theatre and learn acting. But the aliens in this prestigious Moscow University can only learn on a paid contract basis. And the price of Fame could not pay even the Pope. So she had to choose from the universities in Ukraine – without thinking twice, she applied for admission to the Kyiv national University of culture and arts. He entered and went there for a vocal coach.

By the way, father was very opposed to this choice of his daughter. He said that at the Institute of culture, learning “only fools who don’t take”. He even refused to pay my daughter’s tuition at this University. Then my mom even had to use blackmail she forced Vitali to allocate money for training of the glory of threatened marine filing for child support.

Now Thank very glad that studied in the “Sack.” Thanks purchased there to meet with budding actors, singers, Directors in the cafe “Titanic” – her creative life took place. Glory recalls with a smile, in the student lounge then hung out Bohemian, who had money except for instant coffee.

In General, do not study, and fun, but in the last year Kaminskaya rule. And not because of lag. But because they are taken for study money she spent on the costs of participation in a reality project.

Apparently, in his student years she had aimed at the television and began to apply for castings in various shows. Glory, we can say that our Olga Buzova – because she’s one of the few where the reality of the heroine managed to turn into a real star. And she, unlike the Russian stars here and found out why the pound is dashing: roamed from one show to another.

What projects participated Thank Kaminska? The most prominent of them was the Moscow show: “temptation Island” and “people’s artist”.

Thanks to “the Island of temptations”, Glory in 2005-m to year in the age of 20, was first lit on the blue screen. The essence of the project was that hot on the idyllic island (of course, with the level of service of “All inclusive”) come in 4 pairs and live apart. Why? Because the strength of their relationship here will be to check out temptations. And the temptation is Dating with 30 of the most beautiful, sexy and interesting guys/girls. A very difficult test for any love.

Then still a simple student Olga arrived in Paradise with a very attractive boyfriend. His name is Andrey Skaryna. They met at the University and at the time of participation in the project has already met more than a year. It is noteworthy that already on Olga scored corrosive nature, ability to firmly put in place as competition, but most importantly – coquetry and weakness before temptations… in a Word, Andrey and Olga were the only couple that the island has left a couple, and it is because of infidelity Oli and not her boyfriend.

Olga returned to Kiev – is not a star. Show on which she put broke, was not such rating to secure the bonuses in a creative environment. So she tirelessly and despair began to go to various auditions and competitions with the confidence that someday she will become visible, successful and famous. On that fateful casting Thank got thanks all the same native and beloved KNUKIM among University famous Ukrainian producer Yuriy Nikitin was looking for girls for his new project, which would have to make a good competition “viagra”. And Yes, red did everything right: among many contenders it drew attention in particular due to the fact that once have seen on TV. And then it sang an unusual, low and velvety voice… the Glory of any hardship to endure was not necessary.

Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska from Nchini


In 2006, the year runs the production project – Duo “Neangely”. Company Olga in it is also a girl with an unusual low voice, Ekaterina Smouha. According to the decision of Yury Nikitin, the girls in the Duo were given symbolic names – Victoria and the Glory. The producer hoped that they will bring the group that represent. And so it happened!

Already the first song “You’re one of those” was not only a hit but a real explosion on the horizon not only Ukrainian, but also Russian show-business. All thanks to a well crafted image, a material and unusual vocal girls. Slava – Metso-soprano, Victoria – contralto, which in their combination give a striking effect. But of course, the most important technique to achieve popularity was the music video for the song.

At that time, the former Soviet Union, of course, already exploited women’s sexuality, but Nikitin has surpassed all. In the first clip the girls are not just beautiful dancing in skimpy outfits and bared her Breasts, remaining in the frame wearing only gold bikini. Now this little surprise for someone, but then still did it! To them this did not make even “Viagra” teetering on the brink of sexuality, still covered causing the body parts of girls.

With the flood of admiration for “DeAngelo” poured streams of convictions. No journalist in an interview not fail to pay attention to it, and the fact of the matter is, even reproach. And here is the Glory showed itself in all its glory: accustomed from childhood to repel the detractors she poignantly and boldly replied to the interviewers, and it overshadowed his counterpart in the Duo. They began to declare only the Glory and Victoria, and not Vice versa.

Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska: first clip

Of course, not only the Breasts can become a source of condemnation and rumors. Listening to unusually low unique voice “DeAngelo,” many began to suspect that in fact the Glory and Vic – did something and not women, and well done trannies. Besides, Nikitin, like a good publicist, masterfully used it to promote his project, lapping of uncertainty and mystery on this subject. But the girls couldn’t stop any abuse firmly confident in their talents, they moved on a rising ladder of show business, and all their songs became hits.

At the end of 2006, the year their debut album “DeAngelo” called “Number one”. Again a clear hint of who the main star or symbol of success? So or not, but he sold a huge circulation – 50 thousand copies were sold almost in an instant. Total: already the first album received the title of “Golden disk” in Ukraine. Now and forever: now almost every song becomes super popular and beloved.

As time went on, and Nikitin was in no hurry to dispel the myth of the “naturalness” of the girls from his most successful group. Fortunately all forgot about Ola reality “the Island of temptations”, and even could not identify that girl in simple outfits with the star. TRANS-rumors to the contrary, the producer decided to warm up and found this wonderful method. In 2008, “Neangeli” released the clip together with the travesty diva Dana international. She is quite known worldwide, thanks to the victory on “Eurovision-1998”. Needless to say, “I Need Your Love” again was a major event in our show-business. However, the Duo pave the way for international level could not.

But in Ukraine, “Neangeli” this HYIP lasted for several years. And only when their personal relationships with men have become too obvious, and the audience got acquainted with them “closely” with many interviews and participation of girls in various TV shows – the opinion of their of transsexualism was clearly erroneous. Glory began to subside gradually and Nikitin decided to spend a rebranding project.

In 2009 they released the single “Red riding hood”. This experiment change the style went into a more erotic slant, with a comic sarcastic undertone. He was not successful and did not cause a positive response from fans. Well, that along with the “Neangely” have released a music video for the song “Let go” in the traditional style of the band. And she promptly became the leader of all of the charts, hitting a record rotations of various radio stations.

In 2013 year themselves Neangeli first time trying to get on “the Eurovision” but not pass the national selection. In the same year, in may, they give a Grand recital. And in September of this year the band released their second album – “romance”. He quickly became the leader in downloads in iTunes.

2015-the year was marked by two concert tours – “DANCE ROMANCE TOUR” and “ROMANCE”.

On the 10th anniversary of the group “Neangely” again decided to prove that they are the best in Ukraine at the beginning of 2016 participated in the National selection for “Eurovision”. However, again to no avail.

Girls are not discouraged and in may of the same year, gave a Grand concert in the Sports Palace in honor of its first anniversary. And proved that they transcend years: they are still young, sexy and immensely talented. At the concert premiere of the new album called “Heart”. After that, they went in a big tour all over Ukraine.

Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska: sensuality

Also during the concert, Thank Kaminska announced that it will start a solo career, and performed a “personal” song – “Miss you”. But reassured all fans that is not going to leave “Neangely”. After all, proud of the fact that unlike the other women’s teams, part of the “Deangelos” of the original.

A little later Kaminska released the song “Good”.

Setting a furious pace, Neangeli, it seems, is not going to stop – and in the fall released the super single with a video called “Serge”.

In 2017, the year Neangeli travel to new large-scale tour “SLAVAVICTORIA”. Then they visited 25 cities of Ukraine. And at the end of the year, has released a new video – “THIS LOVE”.

Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska: “Neangely”

In the summer of 2018, the year Glory even entered the Ukrainian cinema on the rights of the actress. She played cool and impregnable business lady in the Comedy “Producer”. However, the creators claim, and intrigued by the fact that she has a fully Nude scene. Well, we will be able to see it in cinemas in February next year.

Just recently, Glory, remembering their romantic reality the past, has again embarked on this slippery path. In 2018, the year she became one of the star participants of the great show of the channel “1+1” – “dancing with the stars”. And she is very lucky to have a dancing partner: it was Igor Kuzmenko, who paired with Natalia Mogilev has become the winner of the last season. Thank several months diligently attended a grueling rehearsal. But just before the exit to direct the air training rough fall led to the fact that she was injured. After examination doctors found that the injury is very serious. So their first dance on “Dancing with the stars” Fame to perform was not necessary. Moreover, shortly after receipt of all analyses the official diagnosis left no hope for the second… But the Glory still went to the floor that her “waiting,” performed the song “Miss you” and said goodbye to the audience until the next season of the show “Dances with stars z”. We might see the singer in 2019 dancing on a shiny floor?..

Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska with her husband

Personal life

Early in his career Glory in one interview said that her hobby is to seduce men and make them jealous and provoke crazy things… Obviously, the phrase said as a joke – a veritable leitmotif of his personal life of Glory. It can be argued, at least looking at it in the show “Island temptation.” Then the industry was not so developed, so the writers thought through the participants moves, when the reality was more or less a true reality…

Glory says that for the first time fell in love with in the first year in 18 years.

In fact, the first serious relationship happened at the Fame as “DeAngelo”. They lasted 5 years and became known to everyone because of the heinous event. Then the civil husband beat the Fame, and paparazzi accidentally fixed it “beating” on camera. Later she admitted that it was difficult for her experience and relationships, the dependence on which it was not easy to cure. And to escape from this sick love it… married!

The tabloids blew on first wedding of Fame in 2012-m to year, when she went to the registry office hand in hand with a major Kiev businessman Eugene. At that time she already broke up with her boyfriend, and even started a relationship with a new boyfriend. The former still haunted her. Pouring out the soul of an old friend on this occasion, she made him a spontaneous offer of marriage.

Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska: the first wedding

However, anything good from this did not work – less than a year later they divorced. By the way, on the initiative of the Fame, because she fell in love! Then her new boyfriend was a famous film Director – Stas Morozov. Let him Glory in all honestly Eugene, and before the start of a new relationship has raised the question about divorce, but his heart was broken, and while they didn’t communicate. Now already back to the usual format – a good friendship.

It so happened that the relationship with Morozov also did not happen. Thank God, now says Thank. Because through such a coincidence, she’s finally met her true love…

Glory and Edgar met on New year’s eve in 2013 quite by accident in his clinic, where the singer arrived in company with a friend. She fell in love with him at first sight and became the initiator of the relationship. And he’s already after three months of Dating took a sweetheart offer. It happened on March 8 during their romantic trip to Milan. It’s funny that a week after that – Glory found out she was pregnant.

16 Jul 2014 years the Glory becomes Kaminskaya, having married a successful plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky. In December, the couple became the proud parents of a firstborn son Leonard. About a year later, 6th December 2015 year, the Glory became a mother for the second time after giving birth to daughter Laura.

At the moment, a happy family with two children. But to dwell on this Glory is not going to, though, and both your pregnancy considers a miracle, because before meeting with Edgar she was having trouble conceiving. How many children want to be beloved? Three or even five!

Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska married

Interesting facts

Recently Thank Kaminska has tried himself as a designer. In collaboration with Eliviria Hasanova, she released a collection of women’s clothing – 69 BY SLAVA KAMINSKA.

Fame has a purely female hobby – she collects perfume. Her set more than a hundred flavors. Favourite brand CHANNEL.

Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska with her daughter


By far the most loud and hectic hearing about the Glory is still the rumor about her numerous plastic surgeries. Especially because she’s the wife of a good plastic surgeon is all it seems that the singer has been what is in the permanent service of Edgar.

Glory is not refusing, claiming that plastic clinics she never used. Long before the wedding, she corrected the shape of the nose, and Botox is used to remove wrinkles. But the wonders of modern beauty industry Thank are not abused. And the husband doesn’t approve. For example, he refused to increase the breast to the wife, arguing that she has to bear it. Also Thank repeatedly provided in-network evidence of the genuineness of her plump lips and beauty by posting a photo from childhood, adolescence and early youth.


Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska: beatings

Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska beaten

Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska: Photocall

Слава Каминская: от "no name" из реалити до селебрити

Thank Kaminska pregnant



Recently Glory has revealed the secret to a perfect relationship with her husband.

And also spoke about how she manages to maintain the perfect shape.


Glory loves to shock her fans on a personal page on Instagram, exposing a provocative photo, for example, in a swimsuit or without makeup:

All the news about the group can be found on the official page of “DeAngelo” on FB:

As well as the band’s official website:

All videos Neangeli be posted on the official YouTube channel:


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