TEST : TEST of general culture of Miss France 2019

TEST : faites le test de culture générale de Miss France 2019

TEST : TEST of general culture of Miss France 2019

Are you stalled(e) general culture ? In order to see if you’ve got the makings of a beauty queen and if you have enough knowledge, PRBK you propose to pass the same test as the competitors of Miss France 2019 have had this year. Then, the loan(s)?

Iris Mittenaere, Alicia Ayliès, Maeve Coucke, Sylvie Tellier… They are all passed through here prior to their election of Miss France respective. By what ? By the test of general culture that the competitors must pass in order to hope to be part of the favorites. Because a Miss has to be beautiful, certainly, but also to possess knowledge. And this year, a few days before the ceremony Miss France in 2019, it is Miss Centre-Val-de-Loire which has the best score, i.e. 18,5/20. Are you going to do better than her ? To find out, do the same test which it and its competitors have had to spend.


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