TEST : are you an expert on Christmas movies ?

TEST : es-tu incollable sur les films de Noël ?

TEST : are you an expert on Christmas movies ?

In less than a month, it will come the time of exchanging gifts and enjoying a true feast. But before you enjoy a coupette of champagne while dancing to “All I Want for Christmas is You” Mariah Carey, we offer you to test your knowledge on Christmas movies. So, have you really retained what happens in Love Actually, The Grinch or The Holiday ?

Christmas, it is in your veins ? When you enter in the month of December, you are focused(e) by the joy and love this holiday ? If you think you might be a(e) expert(e) films of Christmas, or if you just like to test your knowledge, try to answer these questions. A good way is to plunge immediately into the festive mood. After that, there will still be time to make gingerbread cookies and continue on your momentum.


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