Terror in Australia : a giant train accidentally 90 km without driver

Frayeur en Australie : un gigantesque train parcourt accidentellement 90 km sans conducteur

The train had travelled on Monday for more than 90 kilometres.

A gigantic train of 268 cars of iron ore travelled on Monday more than 90 kilometres without a driver in the solitude of the far north-west of Australia, before it reaches the derail.

This train features four locomotives owned by the mining giant BHP had started his wild ride after the driver was dropped in the night from Sunday to Monday, to inspect a car. It is unclear what allowed him to be put in motion soon reaching the speed of 110 km/h on the railway line between Newman and the harbour town of Port Hedland, in the State of Western Australia.

BHP has decided as a security measure to derail the train before it reaches Port Hedland. No one was injured in the operation which has, however, damaged the road on the 1 500 metres. Stunning images released by the newspaper The West Australian show the tangle of cars along the way, some partially buried under their cargo ochre.

The australian Office of transport security announced that an investigation had been opened to understand how the train was found to go forward without a pilot. BHP has indicated that the operations of removal and repair of the railway is crucial for the export of iron ore would take a week.

Failure of a dam

The group anglo-australian, however, has indicated that he puiserait in its reserves of iron ore and that the accident would not bring any break in the supply.

The action of the BHP surrendered Wednesday to 1.21 % 33,14 australian dollars in the Sydney stock Exchange, because of information in Great Britain on legal proceedings for the group in the wake of the disaster of Samarco in Brazil.

In November 2015, the rupture of the dam (owned by BHP and brazil’s Vale), which consists of waste products of iron ore, had caused a giant mud slide, which had 19 people and caused a drama major ecological.


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