Teen hacker was duped Silicon valley

Хакер-подросток обвел вокруг пальца Кремниевую долину

In new York, was arrested on 21-year-old hacker Nicholas Trulia who stole one million dollars in bitcoin and stole the SIM card several executives from Silicon valley in California, trying to get more money. Surprisingly, IT even the main place on the planet is not able to provide reliable protection, even employees of technology corporations. Hacker alone was able to crack the system and hack their personal devices chapters in Silicon valley.

Хакер-подросток обвел вокруг пальца Кремниевую долину

Truly always acted the same scenario: he knew the date of birth, insurance carrier and phone number of a potential victim, and then called the operator and used this information to re-register the SIM card. This opportunity will offer nearly all American mobile operators. Of course, personal data is not so easy to find online, so they bought on the black market on the darknet.

Seizing the SIM card Truly had access to the accounts, the entrance to which is carried out using two-factor authentication (for example, after entering the code that came via SMS or push message).

Хакер-подросток обвел вокруг пальца Кремниевую долину

Cryptocell even the defense couldn’t stop a skilled hacker.

In the house Truly was discovered 300 thousand dollars — the cryptocurrency for the same amount he managed to cash. Now the police find out the fate of the remaining funds and try to return them to Ross. The trial of a hacker-a loser, whose story could be the basis of a Hollywood movie, will begin in December 2018.

Recall that Google introduces a new service for Ukrainians. Now online shopping will become a lot easier, and even inexperienced user will be able to purchase a product or service on the Internet. No longer have to enter the data of your credit card, fearing for the safety of their own savings in the Bank.

Earlier Znayu reported that Apple is leaking the patent for the appearance of future iPhone 2019. Judging by the images, the device will be updated back panel, which will sparkle in the sun. Similar technology has introduced Huawei in their smartphones, and that’s what attracted users. Apple Corporation has decided to go the same way, and capture a huge audience who did not like the previously colors iPhone.

Znayu wrote that the fingerprint scanner has been hacked. Security experts have learned to hack any smartphone that has the scanner. Now, all hope for the scanner face, which still provides reliable protection against burglars and intruders.


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