Take care of children in Ukraine are operating dangerous “fortune tellers”, and hunt in the yards

Берегите детей: в Украине орудуют опасные "гадалки", охотятся во дворах

In the Ukrainian capital concerned local residents noticed a group of very strange and suspicious women who learn with children on the streets and asking them to bring things from home.

So, in the “POH ― Poznyaki, Osokorki, Kharkiv” in the social network Facebook told a story about how in the Darnytsia district two girls almost became victims of the schemes of swindlers.

Берегите детей: в Украине орудуют опасные "гадалки", охотятся во дворах

According to eyewitnesses, in the street revutskiy to two ten-year girls came women. They engaged with the children talking and asked them “to tell fortunes on a hand.” Then they started asking girls who have them is at home from adults.

“The children were impressed by divination, the type that’s right the woman said. Women sent children home for the egg to, say, read to someone, told me that I went to the store and forgot the money, and have egg. Said that they expect the girls to the yard”, ― told in public.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in the United States of America, 78-year-old prisoner Samuel little, who was sentenced to life in prison 4 years ago, has made a horrific confession. The man said that the guilty in the murders of 90.

When the girls came home, they were stopped by the mother of one of them.

“Near the refrigerator stopped them my friend. Began to ask, and the children ― like zombie being told that they need to take out the egg and help the woman,” the witness said.

When the girl’s mother together with children went out into the yard to look at the women, they ran away. According to the witness, the ill-minded women in appearance 30-40 years, they are average build.

“The one with the kids talking all the time, had black shorts, black long hair, green eyes,” recounted the eyewitness.

She also noted that women do not like Romak known fact that they often offer passers-by to tell fortunes on a hand.

Берегите детей: в Украине орудуют опасные "гадалки", охотятся во дворах

“This is alarming. Maybe Romka, but look like ordinary Ukrainian young women. This is at my request post, my friend’s children. Children are justified by the fact that women look and dress like mom, like her friends, so they they believed,” wrote in the comments to the post Ekaterina Kalmykova.

Some netizens also said that they or their loved ones became a victim of this fraud.

We will remind, in Kiev a creepy serial killer got burned on the mistress.

As reported Znayu Odessa psychopath killed the girl and did to her things that would make your hair turn gray.

Also Znayu wrote the history of the bloody Ukrainian maniac.


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