Sylvie Vartan : “I do not interfere with the legacy” of Johnny Hallyday


Sylvie Vartan : "Je ne me mêle pas de l’héritage" de Johnny Hallyday

Sylvie Vartan : "Je ne me mêle pas de l’héritage" de Johnny Hallyday

“People know that my tribute to Johnny is not in a commercial purpose.”

While the singer is on the 10 November, 20: 30, at the Corum of Montpellier, and prepares an album of covers of songs by the idol of the young, the ex-wife of Johnny Hallyday believes that “it is up to the justice of the proceedings” about the legacy of the Taulier.

How have you imagined this meeting with the public ?

This started at the Olympia in September 2017, we had already booked new dates, but in the meantime, unfortunately, Johnny died. It was unthinkable for me to redo the same show without him homage. Because the years we spent together, are not only years of passion on the personal level, but we also started our careers, we were also bound by the passion for the same craft. We liked the same music, the same songs.

We have so many amazing memories, wonderful, of which we have marked us, but also, I think, a whole generation. With the benefit of hindsight, we can appreciate that, but, at the time, we were young, we had this youth behind us, the fervor, the enthusiasm, it was in a whirlpool going. And it was a first love. We don’t forget those moments.

What form will this tribute to Johnny ?

I sing my songs, the essential, and the second part of the evening is devoted to Johnny, some of his songs, obviously, Blood for blood, emblematic for him and for me because it is our son who has written and this is one of the songs that has the most impact on his discography, apparently, the most popular, of course, up to the last disc.

This disc posthumous, have you listened to ?

No, honestly, I don’t have the heart to do it. It has done so much things together, travelled the country, the world, sang all the two, I know so much detail of his voice that it is hard for me to ignore what vehicle this disc, that is to say the last. Posthumous in addition, what is this word ? This is awful. This is me ice. I don’t want to listen to. I don’t have the courage to do it, I will maybe in some time, but as it’s hot, it’s impossible.

But the success of the album must not leave you insensitive.

No, I am very happy, on the contrary, to see at what point people like Johnny and are faithful to what it was.

The release of the album was accompanied by the words of Laeticia Hallyday, which says it is ready to a lot of concessions to David and Laura. Do you want an agreement ?

It is said everything and its opposite, all the time. Me, I don’t mind it and I let the justice do his job, make his findings and say what it is. Me, I have the chance to sing, it is wonderful, you forget all the rest, we simply focused on sharing emotions with an audience that you makes. The fervour of the people I was really encouraged to continue to make this tribute because they know that it is sincere, genuine, legitimate. This is not made for a commercial purpose or other. This is my feeling.

“I brought him that no one was able to give him before”. You inspire these words of Laeticia Hallyday ?

I don’t know, you know, I no longer listen to, I don’t look more, I don’t read more. I am not a party in there, I know the position of my son, I know who he is, that’s all. I don’t mind it, it is necessary to let the people tell what they want, it is their point of view.

Sylvie Vartan : "Je ne me mêle pas de l’héritage" de Johnny Hallyday

Sylvie Vartan at the funeral of his first love, Johnny Hallyday.

But, rather than an agreement, you seem to wish that the justice statue.

For the moment, all this is going on, so I think that each applies to enforce its rights.

André Boudou accuses you of pulling the strings in the face of Laeticia Hallyday…

Ah good ! First new. I do not know Mr. Boudou personally, I don’t think that he knows me so I have nothing to say about it. You say a lot of things and its contrary, then it does affect me in anything.

There he had a meeting in Los Angeles (camp contesting the will, ED), to discuss with you after Johnny ?

Listen, I’m not aware of this, and even if I was, this is not up to me to go tell this kind of situations. And it is justice to give a ruling (on the legacy, ED.)

The museum, the school Johnny (read here), is this a good idea ?

I don’t know.

How would you like to see the memory of Johnny perpetuated ?

I try to give her the image that I have in me, a strong man, beautiful, young, gorgeous, this is how I want people to remember him. I keep it like this in my heart. And I believe that the people me are grateful, it is very touching the reception of the audience every night when I commented, with videos, photos, original…

But no photos of the latter part of his life, with Laeticia Hallyday.

I don’t know that much about the last period of his life, I only speak of things I have experienced and that are genuine, that come from my heart. I have not been part of these moments.

Currently on tour, Sylvie Vartan will occur on the 10 of November on the stage of the Corum of Montpellier, in a show that, in addition to his own songs, will include a tribute to Johnny, her first love. It will also pay tribute with an album of covers of songs of Johnny, “With you”, expected at the end of November.

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