Sweet couple: Prince William is not childish quipped Kate, fans of laughing

Сладкая парочка: принц Уильям не по-детски подколол Кейт, фанаты хохочут

Dukes of Cambridge, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, used to not showing his feelings in public. More recently, they even hands not kept, but now that he’s seen more uninhibited in this respect, the Dukes of Sussex, apparently decided to take their example. Not only did they show their feelings in public, hugging each other, but teasing your mate at every opportunity.

So, now William and Kate went together to Cyprus. In the framework of the official tour, Prince William and Kate Middleton visited aviation military base of Akrotiri. There the Dukes not only talked to the pilots, but also ate with them specially prepared for their visit flavored pizza. Good sense of humor but William could not do without in order to mess with his wife.
As writes the edition People as soon as the Prince entered the break room, he loudly and jokingly demanded the military to take the pizza from the sofa. Everyone knows that Kate Middleton is a lot of attention and time to clean house.
The wife of the Prince did not remain in debt.
“You become insufferable when it comes to order,” joked the Duchess of Cambridge.

We will remind, earlier Znayu wrote that the sister of Kate Middleton Pippa great time before marriage. In her “track record” was the most rich and famous men. The world gasped when the list was made public – you will see what people.

Recall to withstand a rupture with a Prince, Kate Middleton began to drink. Fans shocked by the behavior of your cat. She has always been a true Duchess, even before obtaining the title. The unexpected truth about the family of Prince William put on the ears of the whole world.

We also wrote about what a “normal mom” Kate Middleton in front of the lenses of the paparazzi shocked and delighted the public. After all, for all the Royal privileges is just a regular, loving and gentle woman, a touching attachment to his family.

Thanks to the fresh snapshot in the network, Kate Middleton has become one of the most discussed persons. Paparazzi captured the Duchess on horse racing. Even under the lens, she thought first about the children and proved to be a caring mother.

The Duchess of Cambridge informally visited racing Houghton Horse Trials in Norfolk. At the event, she took the children with her: Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Not staged photos of Kate were published online.

It is noted that the horse riding Middleton chose a blue cotton dress with embroidery from Zara and completed the image of a sunglasses and a dark bag. While it was evident that the bag had everything we needed for the children at the time of weaning from home. Like a regular mom.


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