Striptease of students : the video of the French, Nobel Prize in physics is considered sexist

Strip-tease d'étudiants : la vidéo du Français, Prix Nobel de physique jugée sexiste

A sequence that has created controversy.

The French Gérard Mourou has received the Nobel prize in physics with Canadian Donna Strickland, and the American Arthur Ashkin had made a teaching film on the precision lasers with his students in 2009. She comes out, the buzz is all about and creates the controversy.

A video of bad taste to explain the work to be very sharp in physics research : to base the idea of Gerard Mourou and his students was to popularize the techniques of lasers, “ELI”, for Extreme Light Infrastructure.

Explain the physical in dancing to reggae

While dancing to a reggae song, the students accompanied by their teacher explain and the practical applications of lasers : in particular, in the birth of the universe, the healing of cancer…

The video titled : “Have you seen ELI ?” was published in 2009 but it is this week, after Gérard Mourou has received the Nobel prize in physics (with the Canadian, Donna Strickland, and the American Arthur Ashkin) that it has become viral.

This video is rather educational, funny or even a little kitch has created the controversy : on four minutes, a scene of 20 seconds show women removing their blouse during a choreography.

A sequence to be ordered

The direction of the CNRS had already requested in 2009 that the references to establishment are withdrawn, which has still not been done.

The Academy of the Nobel has condemned the content of this video, but also continues to provide support to the scientist for his work.


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