Star Wars 9 : Snoke return ? “Anything can happen” confesses Andy Serkis

Star Wars 9 : Snoke de retour ? "Tout peut arriver" confesse Andy Serkis

Star Wars 9 : Snoke return ? “Anything can happen” confesses Andy Serkis

The film will not come out at the cinema before December 2019, but the actor Andy Serkis could not help but speak of Star Wars 9 and especially… the future of Snoke, his famous character in this new trilogy.

Possible rewritings in the Star Wars 9

After Rian Johnson in the previous episode, this is J. J. Abrams who is producing Star Wars 9 that will enter into this new trilogy. A logical choice given he has already done episode 7 and laid the foundations of the story, and that might not be without consequences.

According to the different rumors, J. J. Abrams would not have enjoyed a few liberties taken by Rian Johnson in his film, and thus would be ready to rewrite some things. Like what ? The revelation about the parents of Rey could be cancelled and once again become an important topic, the mask of Kilo Ren could make his return and… Snoke might reappear on the screen.

Snoke return ?

Killed in a way disappointing in the previous film, while it was also mysterious and full of promise – which has not pleased all the fans, the great villain of this trilogy has seen his future be teasé by Andy Serkis, his interpreter.

On the red carpet of the film Mowgli, the actor has especially entrusted to you : “I have sent an email to J. J. Abrams and I said to him : “let me know how things are going to move forward and at what point this will be exciting’. Of course, I really want to see how it will be put in place. Who knows, Snoke could well return. I say nothing, I propose just. I’m having fun just to spread the rumor, but absolutely anything can happen“.

Nothing official and final. Nevertheless, when you know that the actor is close to J. J. Abrams and he has never hidden his disappointment vis-à-vis the fate of Snoke, he is not silly to expect a surprise in 2019 at the cinema. We keep our fingers crossed.


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