Square something in the sky forced to shudder the whole world, people are in a panic remember prayers: videochat

Квадратное нечто в небе заставило содрогнуться весь мир, люди в панике вспоминают молитвы: видеошок

In England shocking clouds square shape, which frightened local residents.

On YouTube there is an amazing video that shows a giant square cloud that formed in the sky in England. It is reported that eyewitnesses saw a strange cloud on 24 November this year in Cleethorpes and immediately told the local meteorologists. At this point, experts are unable to explain the nature of perfect square clouds.

Netizens have been actively discussing the video and say that these clouds began to appear around the world since 2008. The last time mystical clouds were seen by residents of the U.S. state of Arizona in July of this year.

Квадратное нечто в небе заставило содрогнуться весь мир, люди в панике вспоминают молитвы: видеошок

Earlier it was reported that the pilots of several airlines reported that they saw unidentified flying objects in the skies over Britain. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Boeing 787 British Airways flew from Montreal to London when the pilot saw in the sky “very bright light that instantly disappeared.” According to him, the UFO first appeared on the left and then abruptly turned North. Management service did not record any flying objects on radar.

The pilot of Virgin Airlines, Manager aircraft that made a flight from Orlando to Manchester, noticed in the sky a “meteor or other object, making the entry into the atmosphere”.

It was also reported that a spooky phenomenon in the sky, citizens of the USA filmed on Saturday, November 24. The corresponding video appeared on YouTube.

In the U.S. state of Colorado over Denver was a large cluster of clouds. They initially attracted the attention of eyewitnesses.

The fact that the locals were first seen in this region a blood-red clouds. Thus in these unusual clouds could clearly see an unidentified flying object. If he fell to the ground.

We will remind, on Google maps have found something from which hair stand on end. Experts noted that the patterns have the form of spirals.

As reported Know. ua, the Ground is ripe for the explosion of a strange object, the stronger the energy of the Sun. “The cosmic Serpent” threatens our planet.

Also Know As. ua wrote that dozens of balls separated, merged and changed shape in the sky above US.


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