“Spread your legs, and so to learn”: again Volochkova disgraced on the network

"Ноги раздвинь, а то так сразу и не узнать": Волочкова снова оскандалилась в сети


Controversial Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, who is bending over backwards to demonstrate to network his “luxurious life”, is increasingly frustrating followers for his publications in Instagram. Artist publishes sponsored posts, that’s why her fans started to worry about the welfare of their pet. And ridiculous antics Volochkova only frustrate even the most devoted fans. This time was no exception – Volochkova again caused a storm of criticism from its users. But, oddly enough, not advertising.

On his page in the social network Volochkova has published a photo where posing sitting on the floor. She is wearing a white bodysuit that follows every curve of the figure as well as ballet Pointe shoes. Beside her, around the priests, is something like whether on a scarf, or robe. Anastasia brushed away hair extensions and tied them into the tail, placing it on his shoulder. On her face a thick layer of plaster. Only here sits Volochkova in some unnatural pose.

In the caption, the dancer wrote: “And directed our music video Oksana Rasskazova said that my legs did not fit in the frame. Oksanochka thanks for this work! Filmed for 12 hours straight! Mega cool because it will be the theme”. And stumbles, as usual, a bunch of hashtags. This, of course, could not pass unnoticed by the followers of the ballerina and they began to discuss it.

“Urgent need to change the image! And the photographer”, “spread your Legs, and then time to get to know you”, “Photo beautiful white color looks great on you. But your jargon, Anastasia”, “Beautiful girl with beautiful feet”, “Anastasia killed on the spot, a great photo, If a woman is smart, tell her she’s beautiful. If a woman is beautiful, tell her she’s smart. If a woman Volochkova, tell her she’s got long legs,” write to the followers in the comments.

"Ноги раздвинь, а то так сразу и не узнать": Волочкова снова оскандалилась в сети

Recall that Volochkova disgraced father to the whole Instagram, fans are outraged.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the vulgar Volochkova went to the monastery.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Volochkova showed their furry friends.


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