Similar to the owners? Famous Ukrainians showed fluffy and moustached favorites

Похожи на хозяев? Известные украинцы показали пушистых и усатых любимцев

Vladimir Zelensky

Ukrainian stars turned out to be very fond of their Pets and pet Day decided to show their favorites of social network users.

This is reported by the media.

It is noted that the well-known artist showed in the network of cute pictures of their Pets.

So, one of the first in the holiday photos with a favorite shared by the actors of “95 quarter”. they all took pictures with her pupils. Unexpected was the fact that Vladimir Zelensky pet Guinea pig.

Похожи на хозяев? Известные украинцы показали пушистых и усатых любимцев

In the comments fans of the stars began to actively discuss pictures with animals. In fact, everyone was in awe of the sincere and good shots of the top comedians in the country. Some drew attention to the fact that all animals look like their owners, noticing the particular similarity of Eugene Mishka with his Chihuahua.

Also a photo with my pet network is pleased Lesya Nikityuk, who recently won silver on “Dancing with the stars.” The she posted in her Instagram.

However, it is worth noting that the journalist Dmitry Gordon appealed to all politicians who have declared their participation in the presidential elections, in particular Yulia Timoshenko, Anatoly Gritsenko and Vladimir Zelensky, strengthen security to prevent attempts on their life.

“Soon the presidential elections in Ukraine and today we have three potential candidates for the second round – Yulia Tymoshenko, Anatoliy Hrytsenko and Vladimir Zelensky. I want to again refer to them, as well as other candidates who are going to register as a candidate for President of Ukraine: now, when time is very unstable they need to think seriously about their own security,” said Ms. Gordon.

Похожи на хозяев? Известные украинцы показали пушистых и усатых любимцев

It is also worth noting that for the presidential elections on 31 March 2019 voted 298 MPs. Such a decision the MPs adopted in a vote of Parliament.

People’s deputies of Ukraine supported the draft resolution No. 9342 “On appointment of regular elections of the President of Ukraine”. The draft resolution of the Verkhovna Rada introduced the speaker of the Parliament Andrei Parubiy.

Recall that a family photo Zelensky blew up the network.

As reported “Znayu”, Zelensky showed the love of his life.

Also “Znayu” wrote that intrigued Prytula Ukraine on the anniversary of the Maidan.

Presidential ratings: Zelensky could defeat all possible opponents


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