She is also spinning: the Earth moves “dancing” comet, we have little time left

Она еще и крутится: к Земле движется "танцующая" комета, у нас осталось мало времени


In mid-December 2018 the comet Virtanen as close to the Earth and the Sun. However, in late November, she became the brightest object in space, which can be observed with instruments.

Astronomers call the comet 46P/Virtanen “comet of the year”. 16 Dec ice bullet with a width of about a kilometer flies 11.5 million km from Earth, which makes this event one of the 10 largest approaches of comets for the whole era of space research. Experts say that the comet will be visible to the naked eye for several weeks during the Christmas holidays.

Astronomers closely watching comet. The University of Maryland taking pictures of this unusual space body with the help of special filters. Thanks to them, scientists have recorded gas emissions of the object to determine the rotation which is almost 9 hours.

In December, the comet Virtanen will be as close to the Earth and the Sun.

Thus, the outer body can be seen with the naked eye due to high brightness. However, for maximum convenience experts recommend the use of binoculars or other optical devices. At its closest the object will be held December 16, approaching our planet after the Sun, which will host the 12th.

Recall, as stated by the Ukrainian scientist, adviser to the head of the National space Agency of Ukraine Eduard Kuznetsov, the unpredictable influence of large celestial bodies on the Earth’s orbit cannot be ruled out.

As reported by the portal Znayu former NASA astronaut Leland Melvin said that during the mission he was able to observe on a space ship, an unknown creature, which Podwale signs of life

Also Znayu wrote about what is common and what is the difference between comets and asteroids.

These heavenly bodies revolve in orbit around the sun and can have unusual orbits, sometimes it changes when approaching the Earth or to other planets. Comets and asteroids are considered to be remnants of the materials that were formed after the appearance of the Solar system, about 4.5 billion years ago.


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