Sexual assault in a primary school in the Gard : the parents question

Agression sexuelle dans une école primaire du Gard : les parents s’interrogent

This Thursday, the student of 7 years was able to return to school.

Some questions remain in this folder for suspicion of sexual assault on a child of 7 years by school mates.

The school Joliot-Curie, Saint-Christol-lez-Alès, the situation is returning to normal little by little, after the emotion aroused by the actions supposed to be moved by two boys 7 years on one of their fellow student the same age. The parents of the pupils evoke the different interpretations of these facts, perhaps with sexual connotations, unless it is a bad game as a child ?

The victim has returned to the path of the class

A petition today to be stopped, claiming that explanations of the administration, has collected nearly a hundred signatures on paper and 200, approximately, on the internet. On Wednesday, we learned that the parents of the small respondent had taken the decision to remove their child from school. The other boy suspected has also left the institution.

In fact, on Thursday morning, the alleged victim returned to the class. Some questions remain in this folder : so that the facts occurred on the 15 October, the mayor of the commune has he not been informed of the issue at the school council meeting of the 16 ?

Outstanding issues

Parents have reported previous incidents with the same two small. What measures have been taken by the national Education for the report ? A report has been made ? A follow-up socio-judicial will be put in place in the new school ?

For parents questioned, the administration will merely reply : “It is not expressed on the personal cases. We don’t want to disrupt the ongoing investigation. If parents have questions, the education teams are available to respond.”

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