Sex robots with artificial intelligence was first printed on a 3D printer

Experienced developers from China has improved the sex robots. Now toys for sex have artificial intelligence.

Секс-роботы с искусственным интеллектом впервые были напечатаны на 3D-принтере

Chinese company to develop sex dolls from DS Doll was informed that for the first time used 3D printing technology to create the component parts of the robot for intimate fun. It is reported that now the doll will run on the android operating system and this is the first time in the history of sex robots.

While the doll from head to neck look almost human, as the silicone is virtually indistinguishable from real leather, the head cover, natural wig, and facial features of the robot in detail resemble a real woman. Below the neck is located the internal mechanical part of the robot, showing the complex skeletal structure designed to mimic the human body in scale.




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