Sewer back-up: engineers at the meeting of the citizens

Refoulement d’égouts: des ingénieurs à la rencontre des citoyens

Engineers of the City of Gatineau will meet by the end of September of the victims of sewer backups in order to respond to their many questions. In the meantime, has assured the adviser Pierre Lanthier of the district of Bellevue, city employees will continue the work initiated to reduce the risk of flooding in homes during heavy rains.

“A good part of the team of the network of aqueducts is on the folder. These are not words in the air. People take it seriously. We want to resolve the situation as much as you “, has launched the councilman Sunday evening at the bi-monthly meeting of the victims of sewer backups in the Bellevue district.

Why the push-back ? Who has the responsibility for maintaining ditches and culverts, and who should pay ? Why residences are connected illegally on the health network ? What to do to resolve the situation of the backups ? How can we improve the flow of water ? Here are a few questions among many that citizens want answers.

Homes have been flooded since the water accumulates in ditches where the grass is not cut, and because of blocked culverts. The area of the boulevard Lorrain is a problem with the ditches and culverts as the responsibility of the maintenance would be, at least in part, the ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ).

“I receive complaints from citizens, and one makes claims to the MTQ, but if they don’t come, what do you want me to do “, said the adviser, Lanthier.

A citizen has recommended that the City take on the responsibility of the cleaning of ditches and culverts.

“This is a job for two, at worst, but we don’t want to be left alone while our taxes increase,” suggested the man.

Pierre Lanthier said the case will be analyzed in the study budget municipal in the month of November.

Some 500 properties would be connected illegally on the health network in the area, instead of being connected to the storm drainage system, which would cause a pressure on the sewer and ultimately overflow during heavy rains.

The advisor Lanthier indicated that people whose homes are connected illegally will not be provided a fine since, as he advanced, many of them are unaware of this situation.


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