Sète : she works on the computer of the future

Sète : elle travaille sur l'ordinateur du futur

Sabrina continues his research on “the abstract to infinite time”.

Sabrina Ouazzani, educated at Saint-Joseph, Sète, from the 6th to the terminal, has today joined the “lab” of the Ecole Polytechnique. It is one of the 30 winners of the fellowships The l’oréal-Unesco for its works on the hyper-computer of the future.

The L’oréal Foundation has just unveiled, in Paris, the names of the 30 young researchers, winners of its program The l’oréal-Unesco for women in science.

His specialty : the “abstract at time infinity”

Thirty young talents working in fields as sharp as varied (“Push the boundaries of medicine”, “From the infinitely large to the infinitely small”…) were awarded a research grant intended to help “break down more easily the glass ceiling”. The Sete Sabrina Ouazzani, arrived in the Island’s unusual at the age of 11 years old and educated at St. Joseph up to the terminal, is part of the winning 2018 for his work on “The abstract to infinite time, the hyper-computer of tomorrow”.

Not to be reduced to approximations

“I’m trying to understand why some problems can’t be programmed,” explains Sabrina, Why can’t we adjust some of the calculations via the computer. The questions that we asked ourselves, as humans, are much broader than the single treatment by a computer. The computer does a lot of things, but can not, for example, manipulate an infinite number. We are reduced to work with approximations when it is done, for example, fly a rocket. And so I work on another way to think of it, on the computer of the future.”


After her graduation from high school (graduated with high honors in 2008), and Sabrina had built Polytech Montpellier (école polytechnique universitaire engineer) for two years, the general practitioners, and then in computer science and management. In parallel to this engineering curriculum, it was engaged in a Master 2 of mathematics and computer science at the university of the sciences. This was followed by three years at the LIRMM (Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics and Microelectronics), Montpellier, Créteil university as a post-doctoral researcher and, today, the computer lab of the Ecole Polytechnique, in Palaiseau.

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