Scientists started hunting for superbugs

Ученые открыли охоту на супербактерий

Doctors are seeking new methods to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Laboratory tests at Duke University in North Carolina showed that some infections considered to be immune to drugs may be depressed, reports the Daily Mail.

Ученые открыли охоту на супербактерий

Now researchers hope to be able to create tests for the detection of such superbugs.

It should be noted that the resistance of infections to the current medicines has long been considered a serious problem.

For decades, the doctors without the need of prescribed antibiotics, only exacerbating the previously harmless bacteria.

The world health organization (who) has warned that with such success, the world will soon enter into the era of “postantibiotic”.

However, according to one of the researchers, scientists first attempted to cut superbugs, although some of them can be treated with standard antibiotics.

Ученые открыли охоту на супербактерий

A study led by Dr. Hannah Meredith (Hannah Meredith), analyzed the effects of antibiotics on certain bacteria.

The doctors concluded that many of the resistant strains may suffer from a sharp drop in the population before to deal with antibiotics, and that many of the infections considered resistant, susceptible to all the same treatment.

The population of such infections may recover after some time without a resistance to antibiotics.

Currently, the researchers hope to create a test to determine which types of infections are really resistant to current drugs.

According to some estimates, by 2050, superbugs will be to blame for 10 million deaths each year. This also applies to those strains that were previously considered innocuous and quietly suppressed by the body.

Ученые открыли охоту на супербактерий

Recall, a team from the Medical school at case Western reserve University have discovered a new way to treat sepsis.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” scientists have created a single new vaccine against anthrax and pneumonic plague.

Also “Znayu” wrote that scientists have discovered a new molecule which will help to cure heart failure.


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