Scientists have named the two kinds of workouts that extend the life of

Ученые назвали два вида тренировок, которые продлевают жизнь

Researchers from Leipzig University in Germany identified the types of physical exercises that slow down the processes of biological aging.

A team of scientists studied the length of telomeres and telomerase in participants who were engaged in one of three types of exercises throughout the study: endurance exercise and resistance training and intense, according to the European Heart Journal.

Ученые назвали два вида тренировок, которые продлевают жизнь

One of the key factors of cellular health think of telomeres, the “protective caps” that protect the ends of genetic material in our cells. When telomeres shorten, the genetic material starts to deteriorate and sends the signal that the cell is aging and will die soon.

Telomerase helps to maintain telomere length, but as we age, becomes much less active.

In the framework of this scientific study, researchers recruited 266 young, healthy participants who led a sedentary lifestyle.

Ученые назвали два вида тренировок, которые продлевают жизнь

The researchers randomly divided volunteers into four groups:

1. Passed endurance training, including running;

2. Was held a session of intense exercise;

3. Performed exercises on resistance;

4. Continued to live in the usual way.

The experiment was podelilsa about six months. Each of the participants in the three groups attended sorokapyatiletnyaya classes three times a week.

Only 124 of the participant and you completed your tasks.

It should be noted that the researchers collected blood samples from volunteers in the beginning of the study, and then a week after final training.

Examining the telomere length and the activity of “caps” in white blood cells, scientists have found that endurance exercise and intense workouts yield the greatest benefits for longevity.

Ученые назвали два вида тренировок, которые продлевают жизнь

In particular, telomerase activity increased two to three times the people involved in the first and second group, telomere length increased significantly.

Recall whether you want to exercise in the elderly.

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