Scientists have learned how to restore hair in the damaged areas

Ученые научились восстанавливать волосы в поврежденных местах

Researchers from the school of medicine of new York University have learned to affect the cells of damaged skin, re-launching the process of hair growth.

The study on mice, doctors studied the effect of signaling pathways on the damaged skin. Special attention was given by scientists to fibroblasts that secrete collagen, the structural protein responsible for maintaining the shape and strength of the skin and hair, according to Medical Xpress.

Ученые научились восстанавливать волосы в поврежденных местах

The researchers activated the signaling pathway of sonic hedgehog that cells use to communicate with each other. Signaling pathway is actively working on the early stages of human growth in the womb, are formed when hair follicles, but in other cases it is associated with the treatment of wounds on the skin in adults. Researchers say this may explain why hair follicles are unable to grow in the skin after injury or surgery.

Hair restoration in the wound all the treated mice began four weeks later, and the roots of the hair and the structure began to appear in nine weeks.

“The results of our study show that if you stimulate the fibroblasts with sonic the hedgehog, you can provoke the growth of hair, which were not previously observed in the healing of wounds”, — says senior researcher Mayumi ito (Mayumi Ito).

Ученые научились восстанавливать волосы в поврежденных местах

According to ito, hair restoration on damaged skin until then was considered problematic by the industry of medicine, which suffered from the survivors of accidents.

However, its further aim is to “force” an adult leather back into an embryonic state for growing new hair follicles.

Dr. ito said that her team plans to investigate how chemicals and genetic stimulation of fibroblasts can activate sonic hedgehog in damaged human skin.

Ученые научились восстанавливать волосы в поврежденных местах

Recall that genetics has suggested a method of treatment of hair loss.

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